daily recap · what we ate

Day 416: Red Beans and Rice

Finally made red beans and rice! It’s been on the menu forever but I never got around to making it. I do it in the slow cooker using this recipe (I did sauté the vegetables first because Matt suggested it but I don’t honestly think it made much difference). I ended up with a migraine and Matt is on call so an easy dinner turned out to be a good idea. I used some chicken andouille from the freezer I think was from spring last year! It was fine but I froze some fairly recently so I’m glad I used it up. We have enough leftovers for a whole other meal.

For lunch I had some jajangmyeon from the fancy kind of packet where you get sauce not a mix and shredded some zucchini in it. I should have drained it more but it was still tasty.

Warmish day but crazy wind!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 415: Cauliflower and Tofu Salad

I went to Aldi in the morning to pick up some produce and odds and ends. It was Mexican food week so I got some ingredients to make tacos when the avocados ripen.

It’s nice going to the store and not feeling like I have to prepare for a week! I got some really nice eggplants I have to figure out something to do with.

I came home and had some canned soup. blah.

I had prepped dinner yesterday so all I had to do was roast the tofu and artichoke hearts and make the orzo.

We watched A Room with a View on HBO Max. I hadn’t seen it before! Helena Botham Carter looked like a baby. I think it was the only thing featured in Gilmore Girls that I hadn’t seen before.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 414: Leftover Pizza

For lunch I had some frozen shrimp and Matt had a tuna melt with the leftover tuna on marble rye.

It was hot today! I wanted some hammock time to catch up on my reading but time got away from me and then it was nearly 90. I had a zoom job interview in the afternoon. Of course the dogs had to bark and the office phone had to ring during it.

I prepped tomorrow’s dinner in the afternoon—lots of marinating is needed. I love when I can do meal prep on days when I don’t actually have to make dinner.

We had the leftover pizza for dinner. It was tasty but I think pepperoni and meatballs is too much! The asparagus was good though.

We watched Cruel Summer. I can’t figure out where it is going to go!

We are getting low on produce and milk so I think I might do a grocery run tomorrow. I don’t think I’m going to try to do the mega shops anymore now that I’m fully vaccinated unless something changes.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 413: take out

I had leftover tuna for lunch. I didn’t feel well and Matt had meetings all day and into the evening so we ended up getting Thai food for take out. It was pretty good but it seems weird to pay restaurant prices now!

I thought we had some frozen red bag Aldi chicken but we couldn’t find it. A mystery!

It was nice weather so I got to use the hammock at bit!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 412: Doughnuts

I picked up some books I requested at my (open!) library so I stopped by my favorite bakery and got doughnuts and smearcase.

I missed doughnuts so much! The woman behind the counter said it was good to see me and we talked about our vaccination.

Matt made tuna salad for lunch so we had sandwiches and chips.

For dinner we had the leftover ham (just a few bites, really), leftover collards (with parboiled wild rice mixed in) and made corn muffins.

We watched the new Murdoch on Acorn. It’s been action packed with old storylines this year. I wonder if people who they worked with before felt better about coming back during the pandemic? I know showing flashbacks must mean a lot less time on set so maybe that is it?

daily recap · what we ate

Day 411: Pizza

We actually both had breakfast! Leftover ham, Gouda and egg on an English muffin. Matt normally eats Scottish oatmeal or cream or rice and I eat nothing.

For lunch we had snackies—a take and bake bread I bought at Aldi a little over a week ago and some liver/mushroom mousse and blue cheese from a Whole Foods order a few weeks back. And grape leaves from the Italian store.

Really just a day of random chores. We have very little storage in our house (it’s from the 1930s, we don’t even really have closets) so I’m trying to rearrange things versus buying new furniture to put things in. I have so many plates and textiles to use as photo props that needed a better place. I also have some very old jars of jam and pickles I made that need to be scooped out and washed. I really didn’t have small batch canning down at first and we were really overwhelmed by some of it. I hate wasting food but I also don’t want to die from eating them.

For dinner Matt made pizza with meatballs, pepperoni, leftover asparagus and red onion. We have so much leftover I think it will be dinner another day. I swear we eat more pizza now than we did before.

Watched a little Great British Menu. You can never tell me about the British stiff upper lip again, these chefs tear up and cry all the time! Which is, of course, fine but very different than the picture they always try to paint in books and American reality shows.

what we ate

Day 410: More Meatballs

For lunch we had some ham sandwiches with the leftover ham and some chips.

I ordered a new table for outside and it arrived. It was from a place that sells tables for restaurants so I hope it holds up well and is as low maintenance as it seems. We already had the chairs and they are also powder coated and have held up really well over the years. Matt put it together and mowed the rest of the lawn.

Matt had to work in the afternoon so I went to read and fell asleep! Oh well! I do feel refreshed.

Matt had prepped dough for pizza last night but he got caught up working and was really hungry so I heated up the leftover IKEA meatballs and potatoes in a skillet with some onions. In the before times we probably would have gotten take out but as we’ve realized, that often took longer than making something at home since no place really delivers to us and we have to pick up whatever it is.

Should IKEA be in all caps? My phone really seems to think so.

We heated up some frozen octopus dumplings as a snack too. The pandemic has really made us better about having easy food to make at home. We don’t have amazing take out options here and would end up getting food we didn’t love just because we were short on time or only had ingredients that were too complicated for a quick meal.

We watched Kwik Stop on Netflix DVD which I sort of remember hearing about when it came out but someone was raving about it on Twitter recently so I added to our queue. It was a solid quirky indie but the end was really disappointing and I don’t know why it ended like that. Roger Egbert apparently liked it.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 409: Collards

I stopped by the post office to mail out my latest weaving to an online friend who promised to report back about how it arrives. While I was out I saw three new murals in my neighborhood! Two were still being painted.

I stopped in the Italian grocery for some mini meatballs, olive spread, bread and got some sandwiches. I’m excited about small outing like this being less fraught. I’m almost two weeks out from my second shot! I’ve started putting physical books on hold to pick up. The library stopped doing curbside and opened up a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to do that before vaccines were open to everyone. I’ve been reading on my Kindle but not everything is available.

For dinner Matt finally made the collard greens with smoked turkey he wanted to make all week! I had bought a very tiny spiral sliced ham (maybe 3 lbs? less) at Aldi so we had a few slices of that. We have so much greens left! We already froze some and have a huge Pyrex leftover in the fridge.

We watched The Lady Eve on Netflix DVD. I can’t believe we have never seen it! I want to do a con artist movie marathon now.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 408: Meatballs!

I had to make a return at the UPS store so I did that then I went to IKEA and found nothing I wanted but did get some fun food and a cake pan. IKEA was so empty! It was almost creepy.

I came home and made these noodles we bought at H Mart. Actually pretty good! I didn’t know what to expect.

Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

Matt wanted to make greens again but got busy. Luckily I picked up meatballs at IKEA so I made them, gravy, boiled baby potatoes and lingonberry jam with steamed asparagus.

We watched some Death in Paradise.