daily recap · what we ate

Day 393: Tahini Cod

For lunch we just had canned soup. And a popcorn snack.

Nice weather today! Got out in the hammock and read.

For dinner I made siniyet samak bil tahineh over yellow squash and it was okay but I didn’t love the frozen cod I used. The texture wasn’t the best. I think I might stick with frozen tuna, maybe flounder and scallops and shrimp in the future.

I was excited to get the cod out of the freezer because Matt’s off the next few days and we want to go across town to H Mart and I want to actually have room for dumplings.

I gave up on the Missionary podcast. They really worked hard to dismiss anything that didn’t fit their narrative. I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to that last episode.

Matt dropped off some bread pudding I made yesterday to a friend and got to hang out with him on the porch for a while.

We watched the latest a Meurtres à… on Mhz and it was very made for TV romance-y. I can’t figure out that series at all, some of them are very different in production and tone and have names that don’t follow the format.

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