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Day 395: Fried Fish & Pickled Turnip

An actual outing! The conservatory had their annual spring flower show with limited timed entry so we went to that and then went to H Mart. The flowers were pretty! It’s been so long since we’ve been on that part of town!

H Mart is way in the county but well west of us so it was actually a little quicker to get there from the conservatory than from our house.

We had been trying to clear space in the freezer so we could buy dumplings. We bought like 6 bags! It’s been a long time since we’ve had dumplings and it’s such an easy snack or meal. We also bought these wild looking “corn dogs” with fish sausage to try.

For lunch we picked up sushi from the sushi stand in the store. It was pretty good! I miss sushi!

Then for dinner Mart fried up some flounder we had in the freezer and served it with some pickled radish from the prepared section of H Mart. So good!

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