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Day 404: Lamb Keema, Aloo Baingan & Take out!

We had a planned power outage and didn’t want to open the fridge and let the cold out so we picked up lunch at a local sub/pizza place. It was so good to have French fries! We haven’t had any in well over a year! They made really good chicken strips that come with cornbread for some reason. It was entirely contactless to! I’m glad they are keeping their employees extra safe.

For dinner Matt made lamb keema and aloo baingan. So tasty and filling with naan from Costco. We have a ton of leftovers too.

We watched Sound of Metal and it was so bad! How is it getting award attention? It didn’t make any sense on any level.

4 thoughts on “Day 404: Lamb Keema, Aloo Baingan & Take out!

  1. I’m delurking to say that I’m STUNNED that you thought Sound of Metal was “so bad” – like, are you actually serious? It was one of the most poignant, beautiful, poetic films I’ve ever seen. Didn’t you understand the last scene? Did you fall asleep? Did we watch the same movie? Are your emotions broken? I’m completely gobsmacked and actually can’t seem to get over this. Obviously! Ha!

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    1. Ha!! We really wanted to love it!

      It was just so unrealistic. The Deaf positive group never once bothered to tell him what the implants were like or why they are so controversial (and largely shunned) in the Deaf community? His doctors didn’t prepare him for that it was going to be like? I know doctors really push them but he didn’t seem to have any idea what it would actually be like. It’s not only major surgery but if you have any hearing left, it is completely destroyed.

      My husband studied ASL to become an interpreter for years and we’ve done a lot in the Deaf community so that really stuck out to us as bizarre.

      Then the head of the group refused to let him stay in a house for Deaf addicts towards the end because he was “behaving like an addict”? What? How does that make sense? He wasn’t using and was begging for help. Isn’t that the point of the group? I guess the group leader felt betrayed and thought he was “addicted to sound” because he got the surgery but the leader knew that he wanted that months before? He never once said he couldn’t live there if he got them or why they were so frowned upon in the Deaf community. Why was this reaction a surprise to either of them?

      Then he’s flat broke but can fly to Paris at a moments notice.

      There was no real character development (we knew nothing about him except he was a drummer with a drug problem who was clean) and the timeline of the movie was really glossed over. How long was he in the group home? It seemed like a while but then the implants, which he has said in the beginning he wanted, never came up?

      There was a transformation but we didn’t see much of how he got there. They didn’t really get into why the implants were a bad choice and how getting them would alienate him from the larger Deaf community.

      It was just a real mess and we were so disappointed! The only good part was that he seemed to decided to not use the implants and presumably return to using ASL but he also was broke and without a home at the end in a country where he doesn’t know their spoken or signed language.

      It tried to do so much but ended up doing not much. I guess if we didn’t know much about the realities of what was going on it would been easier to enjoy it?


  2. Dammit. That makes A LOT of sense, haha! I really, really appreciate your input and explanation. I still love it, but those are very excellent points, especially since you and your hubs have personal experience.
    I still loved it, but I concur.
    I’m a preschool teacher in grad school and this movie has inspired me to get involved/start learning ASL, so I guess it’s not a total loss?
    Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my bratty comment, haha!
    I’m off to watch I Care A Lot. I’m trying to see as many Oscar noms before Sunday!
    Take care Rachel!


    1. I can talk about movies all day!!

      ASL is a great skill to have and can be great with kids that age! I taught that grade too years ago and they loved finger spelling and basic signs.

      Enjoy your Oscar watching!


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