daily recap · what we ate

Day 409: Collards

I stopped by the post office to mail out my latest weaving to an online friend who promised to report back about how it arrives. While I was out I saw three new murals in my neighborhood! Two were still being painted.

I stopped in the Italian grocery for some mini meatballs, olive spread, bread and got some sandwiches. I’m excited about small outing like this being less fraught. I’m almost two weeks out from my second shot! I’ve started putting physical books on hold to pick up. The library stopped doing curbside and opened up a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to do that before vaccines were open to everyone. I’ve been reading on my Kindle but not everything is available.

For dinner Matt finally made the collard greens with smoked turkey he wanted to make all week! I had bought a very tiny spiral sliced ham (maybe 3 lbs? less) at Aldi so we had a few slices of that. We have so much greens left! We already froze some and have a huge Pyrex leftover in the fridge.

We watched The Lady Eve on Netflix DVD. I can’t believe we have never seen it! I want to do a con artist movie marathon now.


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