what we ate

Day 410: More Meatballs

For lunch we had some ham sandwiches with the leftover ham and some chips.

I ordered a new table for outside and it arrived. It was from a place that sells tables for restaurants so I hope it holds up well and is as low maintenance as it seems. We already had the chairs and they are also powder coated and have held up really well over the years. Matt put it together and mowed the rest of the lawn.

Matt had to work in the afternoon so I went to read and fell asleep! Oh well! I do feel refreshed.

Matt had prepped dough for pizza last night but he got caught up working and was really hungry so I heated up the leftover IKEA meatballs and potatoes in a skillet with some onions. In the before times we probably would have gotten take out but as we’ve realized, that often took longer than making something at home since no place really delivers to us and we have to pick up whatever it is.

Should IKEA be in all caps? My phone really seems to think so.

We heated up some frozen octopus dumplings as a snack too. The pandemic has really made us better about having easy food to make at home. We don’t have amazing take out options here and would end up getting food we didn’t love just because we were short on time or only had ingredients that were too complicated for a quick meal.

We watched Kwik Stop on Netflix DVD which I sort of remember hearing about when it came out but someone was raving about it on Twitter recently so I added to our queue. It was a solid quirky indie but the end was really disappointing and I don’t know why it ended like that. Roger Egbert apparently liked it.

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