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Day 411: Pizza

We actually both had breakfast! Leftover ham, Gouda and egg on an English muffin. Matt normally eats Scottish oatmeal or cream or rice and I eat nothing.

For lunch we had snackies—a take and bake bread I bought at Aldi a little over a week ago and some liver/mushroom mousse and blue cheese from a Whole Foods order a few weeks back. And grape leaves from the Italian store.

Really just a day of random chores. We have very little storage in our house (it’s from the 1930s, we don’t even really have closets) so I’m trying to rearrange things versus buying new furniture to put things in. I have so many plates and textiles to use as photo props that needed a better place. I also have some very old jars of jam and pickles I made that need to be scooped out and washed. I really didn’t have small batch canning down at first and we were really overwhelmed by some of it. I hate wasting food but I also don’t want to die from eating them.

For dinner Matt made pizza with meatballs, pepperoni, leftover asparagus and red onion. We have so much leftover I think it will be dinner another day. I swear we eat more pizza now than we did before.

Watched a little Great British Menu. You can never tell me about the British stiff upper lip again, these chefs tear up and cry all the time! Which is, of course, fine but very different than the picture they always try to paint in books and American reality shows.

2 thoughts on “Day 411: Pizza

    1. We used this “thick cut pizza cheese” which melted really well.

      Meatball pizza is great! There is a local place that makes it so we were tying to recreate that.

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