daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 412: Doughnuts

I picked up some books I requested at my (open!) library so I stopped by my favorite bakery and got doughnuts and smearcase.

I missed doughnuts so much! The woman behind the counter said it was good to see me and we talked about our vaccination.

Matt made tuna salad for lunch so we had sandwiches and chips.

For dinner we had the leftover ham (just a few bites, really), leftover collards (with parboiled wild rice mixed in) and made corn muffins.

We watched the new Murdoch on Acorn. It’s been action packed with old storylines this year. I wonder if people who they worked with before felt better about coming back during the pandemic? I know showing flashbacks must mean a lot less time on set so maybe that is it?

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