daily recap · what we ate

Day 414: Leftover Pizza

For lunch I had some frozen shrimp and Matt had a tuna melt with the leftover tuna on marble rye.

It was hot today! I wanted some hammock time to catch up on my reading but time got away from me and then it was nearly 90. I had a zoom job interview in the afternoon. Of course the dogs had to bark and the office phone had to ring during it.

I prepped tomorrow’s dinner in the afternoon—lots of marinating is needed. I love when I can do meal prep on days when I don’t actually have to make dinner.

We had the leftover pizza for dinner. It was tasty but I think pepperoni and meatballs is too much! The asparagus was good though.

We watched Cruel Summer. I can’t figure out where it is going to go!

We are getting low on produce and milk so I think I might do a grocery run tomorrow. I don’t think I’m going to try to do the mega shops anymore now that I’m fully vaccinated unless something changes.

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