daily recap · what we ate

Day 422: Corned Beef

For lunch we had leftover tuna pasta salad.

I bought a corned beef back in March I think that was sell by May 11th and has been in our fridge all that time! It’s still perfectly good so I popped it in the slow cooker and we had it with salad and some German sourdough rye I bought at Lidl and some pastéis de nata for dessert. The Lidl version aren’t as great as the one we had in Belem where they were invented but they are pretty good! That’s something that I enjoy but wouldn’t want to make myself unless we were having a party with people I know would love them.

We watched a little Suburban Shootout which we had seen years ago (Ruth Wilson, Tom Ellis and Tom Hiddleston look like babies in it!) and After Hours which just got on my nerves. Netflix DVD really is great for things that aren’t streaming anywhere.

I also finished a present for a friend and mailed it off at the Wockenfuss candy story USPS spot. And bought some candy! That’s how they get you!

I taught myself punch needle today and started a piece.

I keep getting headaches. The stress and construction noise in the neighborhood is getting to me.

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