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Day 427: Lentil Salad with Salmon

I slept so late today! I think it was almost 10 before I got up. Last week was rough and I had so many headaches I think I just needed some sleep.

I got right up, posted the recipe for that wild rice salad I made last week and made lunch though!

For lunch I made our main meal for the day and made a one skillet meal with salmon (frozen, from Sitka Salmon shares—use my code CALFish for a discount), lentils (parboiled in a pouch from Aldi a while back), asparagus and radishes with some bread from Costco. I don’t know how that asparagus was still good, I think I bought it about 10 days ago. We ate a lot of salad mix last week because I didn’t feel well so we are well stocked with produce.

For dinner we had some more rotisserie chicken in some noodles with spinach and seaweed.

We got Disney plus again to catch up on some shows. We are watching the Falcon and whatever and the parts with them is cute but boy does it not have much of a plot! I wish they had just made a goofy road movie with the two of them instead.

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