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Day 429: Take out!

For lunch I had the leftover red beans and rice with an egg.

I spent some of the afternoon in the hammock reading the new Jennifer Weiner book. She’s really churning them out lately. I think they’ve suffered. It’s not my usual genre but they were always fun summery, lighter books and now they seem rushed. Book 102 of 2021!

The mail was a mixed bag. Some vintage punch needle yarn arrived but also some thing from the registry of wills wanting some more documentation for my mom’s estate. I had hoped it was all finished! I put together what I think will satisfy them and will drop it off tomorrow.

Anyway, my plan was to make this time consuming leek fennel dish for dinner but I was so busy with the paperwork I ran out of time so Matt picked up some chicken and fries from the local sub place. I really missed fries last year! I am glad we aren’t doing too much take out any more but it is good in a pinch. We were starving and we didn’t really have anything quick to make defrosted. We already did a last minute meal yesterday.

Matt prepped the leeks and fennel today and shared them so it will be quick to make something with them tomorrow. He’s taking another vacation day so three day weekend!

I did a little more weaving while we watching Cucumber and the Winter Melon on Disney Plus. We are not huge Marvel people but I wish they had treated it more as a parenthetical work and just had it about them readjusting to every day life. The men have great chemistry but the overarching story was silly and a it was little offensive (strange?) that the wronged people were the villains? A procedural where they occasionally solve a crime or a buddy road trip movie would have been so much more fun.

I had migraine again! I blame the paperwork and going too long before eating.

Our figs are huge and it’s barely mid-May. I wonder if they will be ready to harvest early? I swear they normally aren’t this big until the summer.

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