daily recap · what we ate

Day 430(!): Leek-Fennel-Potato Gratin

I had to go to the courthouse early to drop off some more paperwork. Fingers crossed it is enough. Dealing with my mom’s estate has been so stressful!

I stopped at Trader Joe’s and got some spices, a plant, goddess dressing, pelmeni and some garlic sauce. Mine always splits but Trader Joe’s is good. I don’t really like Trader Joe’s and probably won’t be back for a long time because right after I left they announced they weren’t requiring masks anymore.

Matt was off so we made some (frozen) dumplings for lunch and watched Hacks. Does Jean Smart have an over all deal with HBO or what? She is so good.

For dinner we made pork chops and a gratin with potatoes, leeks (whites and greens) and fennel. Prepping the fennel/leeks yesterday really sped up the progress. I should have taken a picture, it was actually pretty good looking for a gratin. We have so much leftover! It was basically this recipe but with leeks replacing some of the potatoes.

We watched Woman in the Window on Netflix. You can really tell they were messing with that movie. It seemed really patched together. I had liked the book and read it way before the author drama came out and thought it could have been a good movie, if tricky to adapt. They weren’t up to it!

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