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Day 431: Mushroom Pork Burgers & Shrimp Salad

Matt returned to (outdoor, masked) tai chi today! On his way back he picked up some $$ local crabmeat for tomorrow’s dinner at a local seafood market and shrimp salad and a coddie for lunch.

Great coddie!! Served the classic Baltimore way with saltines and yellow mustard. we shared the coddie but I wish he had bought two!

For dinner we grilled cherry tomatoes (on a skewer) and made burgers with finely chopped mushrooms and ground pork. Also a bagged salad. The burgers came out really good! I think they will reheat well too.

I read in the hammock while the meal cooked. It has been really cool and pleasant nearly all month!

We watched Throughly Modern Millie (Netflix dvd) which we hadn’t seen before and it was really bad. A couple of cute songs early on but it was really bizarre and racist. Why was there a Chinese-run sex trafficking storyline in a satirical comedy musical about the 1920s and (silly) secret identities? How and why did they make it into a Broadway play?!?! I’m glad we saw it because now we know we don’t ever want to buy tickets for it! Apparently the play version kept the sex trafficking storyline and the weird racist stuff too. It was like 2001. We knew better!

We also stated Ghosts on HBO Max. Very cute!

I made this:

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