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Day 432: Crumpets & Crab Cakes

I went and picked up a punch needle kit I found on Facebook Marketplace north of the city early in the morning. Then I stopped off a bakery I’ve always wanted to try but they are far from us and closed Saturdays so I never made it. Glad I did! I bought some chocolate top cookies and a peanut butter cake bar that was really good.

Matt timed it so he’d have bacon, crumpets and eggs ready when I arrived so we had sort of brunch.

For dinner we had more of the fennel leek gratin and crab cakes. The crab cakes came out really good using my ritzy crab cake recipe. We have 3 left so that will be an easy meal later in the week.

I tried out my punch needle and it’s not working with the yarn and fabric I have but it is working with the embroidery floss the Facebook woman gave me. It’s a mystery. It’s punch needle yarn! Made for this needle! I really hate troubleshooting crafts, because I’m doing them for less stress, not new problems.

We watched more Ghosts. It is really cute. Only one dud episode so far. I can’t wait for a new episode of Mare. I worry about her partner, introducing his mom and he’s so nice it seems like foreshadowing .

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