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Day 437: Sundubu-jjigae

Another day doing some errands! I had to open some new accounts at the bank and ran into IKEA first to pick up some picture frames and candy. I can’t resist Polly. The bank is a local one and everyone is always so nice there! After the bank I ran in the store to see if they had any small amounts of meat to add to the sundubu-jjigae dinner and found a steak that was (I assume) erroneously for sale for $2.43. I am not one to pass up a bargain so I grabbed it and left. Ha!

For lunch we had tuna and these queso dip flavored chips from Aldi. They oddly do taste like queso!

For dinner Matt made sundubu-jjigae. It came out great! The meat was so tender and it helped use up some of the massive amount of kimchi we have in the fridge.

We watched Hacks on HBO Max. I was looking at our cell phone bill and it turns out we can save money by upgrading and it includes HBO Max! So I canceled that and will sign in for free. Hacks is so good!

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