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Day 441: More Noodles

For lunch I had some frozen shrimp and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

I found some repainted Herman Miller shell chairs on Facebook Marketplace yesterday and they were being sold in PA about an hour away. Lucky me when I contacted the woman she said they’d be near Baltimore today and could drop them off! They look amazing. Matt says they are too short but they are the same height as our old chairs.

For dinner I was going to make quiche but I sautéd kale from the CSA for it and it was so bitter! I’m glad I tasted it. We ended up making instant noodles with cabbage and the chicken I was going to put in the quiche instead.

Matt’s birthday is this weekend so I want to go shopping tomorrow and buy any groceries we need. He’s taking off Friday so if I can’t get anything tomorrow then I can still get it on Thursday. We actually still have a fair amount of food and I want to clear out the freezer some but he wants to smoke some brisket and I know we don’t have that.

Our fridge keeps getting water in the deli drawer and no where else. It must be a blocked line but I can’t see where it is coming from, the rest of the fridge is bone dry.

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