daily recap · what we ate

Day 442: Pita

I went to Aldi to get food for Matt’s birthday and the long weekend. I don’t miss doing the whole month shopping trips!

For lunch I made myself a salad with fake crab, kewpie mayo and cucumber.

Matt didn’t feel great so I had some the gyro meat, tomato, cucumber, feta and garlic sauce in a pita and he had some soup.

I poached some salmon to make quiche with tomorrow.

We watched Cruel Summer. Where is this going??

I finished the rug hooking kit! I really think I’ve had it like six years. I was always nervous to try it because it didn’t come with a lot of yarn and I didn’t know what I was doing. It was pretty easy though but counterintuitive, you pull the yarn up through the fabric with a shallow hook so you are basically working by feel. It’s similar to punch needle but with punch needle you are punching down.

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