daily recap · what we ate

Day 445: Cake!

Today’s Matt’s birthday! We really wanted to get steamed crabs today but it was really cold and rainy.

There was a pop up bakery at the top of our street so I walked up and got a small sampling. I remember when there was a club that used to have a mobile police station in front of it there. Quite a change. They are opening up an actual bakery further down the main street so we wanted try some of their goods!

For lunch we got some Filipino food takeout. We haven’t had it in so long! I had the special pancit bihon and lumpia and Matt had some grilled pork.

Cinnamon roll snack! Then we had Indian takeout for dinner. They have the best lamb so Matt got that and I had the chili chicken. We missed Indian food we didn’t make ourselves so much!

The cake I made was great!

We watched Matt’s favorite movie, Get Crazy.

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