repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 427: Lentil Salad with Salmon

I slept so late today! I think it was almost 10 before I got up. Last week was rough and I had so many headaches I think I just needed some sleep.

I got right up, posted the recipe for that wild rice salad I made last week and made lunch though!

For lunch I made our main meal for the day and made a one skillet meal with salmon (frozen, from Sitka Salmon shares—use my code CALFish for a discount), lentils (parboiled in a pouch from Aldi a while back), asparagus and radishes with some bread from Costco. I don’t know how that asparagus was still good, I think I bought it about 10 days ago. We ate a lot of salad mix last week because I didn’t feel well so we are well stocked with produce.

For dinner we had some more rotisserie chicken in some noodles with spinach and seaweed.

We got Disney plus again to catch up on some shows. We are watching the Falcon and whatever and the parts with them is cute but boy does it not have much of a plot! I wish they had just made a goofy road movie with the two of them instead.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 426: leftovers

For lunch we had leftover rotisserie chicken in some Korean ramen with extra seaweed. It reminded me of the ramen we’d get at our local Korean place that has dumplings floating in it but I can’t remember what it’s called. Googling is not helping, it’s not the kind with kimchi.

For dinner we had the Taiwanese pork leftovers. We had planned salmon and a gratin but Matt replaced our kitchen sink and we were too tired to make anything new.

I ordered more punch needle stuff. Im bidding on some vintage punch needle yarn on eBay so we will see if I win that. It’s so quick to make something fun.

Who knew eBay was still a thing?

We watched more Mare of Easttown. I was right! That’s all I have to add.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 425: Pizza!

My dad kept saying he wanted to have us other for food now that we have all been vaccinated so we picked up some Baltimore-style pizza from a place near-ish him. We own a pizza bag so they stay nice and hot! It was nice eating food we didn’t make ourselves but I think they left off some ingredients from my pizza.

I did see a great blue heron!

He lives near Costco so we popped in and got some odds and ends and 2 rotisserie chickens. I can’t shake these migraines lately so I wanted easy food on hand. Worst case scenario we freeze some of it.

For dinner we had these pita/ folded flatbread type things I bought at Aldi with chicken, tahini coleslaw and tortellini salad from Costco.

We are a little overloaded with leftovers!

I did watch a lockerhooking weaving class I bought and ordered more craft supplies. I haven’t been crafty in years so it feels good to make something. I figure if I ever want to sell anything, the punch needle might be a good choice because it is a quite a bit quicker than weaving.

We watched Kramer vs Kramer which neither of us had seen and The Nevers on HBO Plus. Joss Whedon is the worst, I wish someone else did the show because it has some promise.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 424: Corned Beef Hash & Braised Pork Mince

Matt made corned beef hash with the little bit of leftover corned beef for brunch.

For dinner I suggested he make this Taiwanese pork dish but add extra mushrooms and pickled mustard greens. It was really good! We’ve had those greens for months now and they expired next week so it was good timing. Lidl had ground pork which can be tricky to find.

I did some more punch needle while we watched Summer Stock (Netflix DVD).

I ordered some punch needle supplies. It’s fun and quick.

I had another migraine but I did get to read a lot of the new Megan Abbott ARC. Ballet sounds brutal.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 423: Hot Dogs

I’ve really been busy and headachy this week so lots of easy food. I think this was the first week I left the house every day in over a year. I dropped paperwork off at the courthouse. I wanted to get a bubble tea but the two spots didn’t open until 11 am!

For dinner we just had hot dogs and garlic broccoli.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 422: Corned Beef

For lunch we had leftover tuna pasta salad.

I bought a corned beef back in March I think that was sell by May 11th and has been in our fridge all that time! It’s still perfectly good so I popped it in the slow cooker and we had it with salad and some German sourdough rye I bought at Lidl and some pastéis de nata for dessert. The Lidl version aren’t as great as the one we had in Belem where they were invented but they are pretty good! That’s something that I enjoy but wouldn’t want to make myself unless we were having a party with people I know would love them.

We watched a little Suburban Shootout which we had seen years ago (Ruth Wilson, Tom Ellis and Tom Hiddleston look like babies in it!) and After Hours which just got on my nerves. Netflix DVD really is great for things that aren’t streaming anywhere.

I also finished a present for a friend and mailed it off at the Wockenfuss candy story USPS spot. And bought some candy! That’s how they get you!

I taught myself punch needle today and started a piece.

I keep getting headaches. The stress and construction noise in the neighborhood is getting to me.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 421: Chicken Sandwiches

I had to help my dad out in the morning so Matt made tuna pasta salad yesterday for today’s lunch.

I wasn’t sure how long I’d be out so we had Aldi red bag chicken sandwiches with pickles and a bagged salad.

I stopped at Lidl and picked up a bunch of produce and a house plant. I don’t like Lidl as much as Aldi but they do have a great produce department and have things like leeks and fennel.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 420: Mango Salad

I made our main meal at lunch—wild rice salad with mango and avocado and trout. So good! I had poached the trout yesterday and the rice was the par-cooked kind so it was quick to throw together.

For dinner Matt had leftover meatballs as a sandwich and I had a small quesadilla with the leftover taco filling.

We watched the last Brokenwood and it was so bad! The rest of the season was really good so I don’t know what happened. None of it made sense.

More weaving! I had a migraine this evening so didn’t do too much of anything.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 419: Red Beans & Rice

I had some frozen shrimp for lunch with a can of tomato noodle soup. Dinner was leftover red beans and rice. I think it was actually better the second time! More creamy!

I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some soda and some odds and ends. Do you ever have a day where you drop or break everything? That was today.

We watched Mare of Easttown and The Nevers on HBO Max and I started a weaving for my friend.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 418: Longsilog & Tacos

Matt made rice yesterday so he could make garlic fried rice for longsilog today! The sausages got a little brown but they were fine! I think the sweetness in them caramelizes quickly. The sausages defrosted nicely too.

Then we made tacos for dinner. It feels like it’s been a long time since we had tacos but time has no meaning. We used this beef that was labeled as “good for fajitas” but wasn’t sliced?? but was tasty and cooked up quickly.

We watched A Woman’s Face on Netflix DVD. That was an odd one. We also tried Barb and Star Go to… and it was not good. So forced, like they set out to create a cult movie. What a waste and it looked like they filmed it on the set of Jane the Virgin.