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Day 417: Bacon Chicken Burgers

For lunch we had some (frozen) dumplings from H Mart. One was more of a large buckwheat wrap? It was all very good.

For dinner we grilled and made bacon chicken burgers and had them with leftover cauliflower salad. We also made some meatballs with the leftover meat (they tend to heat up better than burgers) and grilled some eggplant for a future meal. The eggplant went a little too long but I think it will be okay. Hopefully! They were beautiful eggplants.

We also tried these Cuban sandwich flavored chips. Not bad!

I made a whole weaving on a new small loom I bought on Amazon for like $13. I swear it is the same one I’ve seen people on Etsy selling for $$$. It even came with a heddle bar which was nice. My other small loom didn’t and it’s hard to practice on my bigger looms with it because it takes so much more yarn and time.

We watched Bäckström on Acorn. It is really enjoyable! I don’t know why they aren’t promoting it more. It even has a non-annoying little kid!