daily recap · what we ate

Day 453: Fried Chicken

We had my mom’s memorial today! It went well. We had it “catered” by a local independent supermarket and had their famous fried chicken and all the cold salads, cornbread and deviled eggs. My dad made black bottom cupcakes. Matt kayaked out scattered her ashes in the river. Everyone said it was exactly something she would have liked. I’m glad it went well! It was very stressful and I’m looking forward to taking a break from planning things.

For dinner we knew we’d be tired so we got takeout from our favorite dim sum place. They have a limited menu now but my favorite eggplant was available so I was excited about that.

My husband’s car is acting up so we are deciding what the limit is we want to spend on repairs. It has like 150k on it but now he rarely drives. I don’t think he drove much over 1700 in the past 18 months or so.

Anyway! We watched Hacks and went to bed. Such a great show!

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