daily recap · what we ate

Day 480: Giant Sandwiches!

We drove out to Sykesville near their little historic Main Street to pick up a inkle loom from FB Marketplace and caught the tail end of a tiny parade (advertised as having 30 people plus floats) and someone getting a novelty sized check for $25,000 for fixing up historic main streets.

Then we stopped in this sandwich shop in the parking lot of a gas station and brought home sandwiches. To our surprise they were massive and they must make their own marble rye and Cuban bread. Who knew, weird little place??

And the loom lady gave me a big box of yarn, supplies and books to go with the barely used loom! Not bad for $50!

Then we got soft crabs and made them with some leftover beet mashed potatoes.

I made a little plum dessert

We watched more Candace Renoir on Acorn


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