Returning to Normal?

We are still making 95% of our meals and shopping less but we aren’t in the same place we were before since shopping has mostly returned to normal. I might update periodically and if things change more often but I can’t keep up with the daily posts now.

Day 484: Smoked Beet Salad

For dinner I made a salad with the beets we smoked over the weekend and we had come chicken from Dominicks. We had to deal with the cars so we were beat!

Day 482: Lamb & Pancakes

For brunch Matt made pancakes. So good! He real has perfected pancakes during all this. I made made crumble bars. For dinner we smoked some lamb on the grill that I had bought frozen last year! It got done way faster than expected, maybe because it was very hot so that threw our meal plans… Continue reading Day 482: Lamb & Pancakes

Day 480: Giant Sandwiches!

We drove out to Sykesville near their little historic Main Street to pick up a inkle loom from FB Marketplace and caught the tail end of a tiny parade (advertised as having 30 people plus floats) and someone getting a novelty sized check for $25,000 for fixing up historic main streets. Then we stopped in… Continue reading Day 480: Giant Sandwiches!

Day 477: Couscous with Sardines

For lunch I made couscous with sardines and veggies. It’s up on my Patreon for subscribers! For dinner Matt had some sick food and I had some Chinese take out. I wasn’t planning on so many meals just for me! I was really low on food. Watching Bosch. Working on a new cookbook proposal.

Day 476: Smoked Salmon

Matt still doesn’t feel great so I picked up some sick food for him at the store. I had some smoked salmon we had from Costco for dinner and popcorn. For lunch I had some noodles and the half of burger that was leftover from yesterday. Did some weaving.

Day 475: Chicken Burgers

We made chicken burgers for dinner but Matt didn’t feel great so who knows what we are going to eat later in the week.

Day 474: Eggplant Parm

Matt went to an Italian market near his parents’ house and brought back some goodies! We had two kinds of “stuffed bread” (stromboli?) and some stuffed peppers and olives. Then for dinner we had some eggplant parm and Matt made sauce and spaghetti to go with. Lots of cleaning and watched some City on the… Continue reading Day 474: Eggplant Parm

Day 473: Brunch!

Actually ate at a restaurant with a friend! I was invited to a PR lead brunch and got to try about some new sandwiches at Dashery. They source things locally which was a big plus. For dinner I had Taiwanese wide instant noodles with beet greens from the CSA and some frozen mixed seafood. Matt… Continue reading Day 473: Brunch!


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