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Day 374: Chili Topped Baked Potatoes

I don’t know if it is me or the vaccine but I have slept very soundly and been very fatigued this week. Hours are flying by and I don’t know what I did all day.

For lunch I made myself a egg sandwich on some naan I had picked up at Aldi. It was good, I did two eggs sunny side up and then flipped them yolk side together so they fit on the bread. Matt had noodles and cottage cheese again. He’s back on egg noodles after a many year hiatus. Thrilling stuff, I know.

For dinner I baked some gigantic baking potatoes and topped them with chili, cheese, sour cream and chopped red onion. It really is my favorite way to stretch out chili leftovers!

This weekend Matt wants to make clotted cream again and have sort of an early Passover type meal since I bought a roast at Aldi. It’s going to be a beef heavy few days but we did have chicken for many days after I did the shop so I think it evens out.

We were both fried so we finished the 2013 Great British Menu and I did a little weaving.

I think I’m going to hit Costco next week, our anniversary is next week, I’ve had my first shot and I need to drop off the Easter candy we picked up at my dad’s house. Hopefully they will have some fun seafood or steaks or something. Costco is not near us but it is near my dad so I try to combine it into one trip, especially now during the pandemic.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 352: BAGELS

So spoiled today! We made sandwiches with turkey, aged provolone and capicola for lunch.

Then our order from Russ & Daughters arrived! It was $$$ but using gift money helped ease the pain. It has been so long since I’ve had a good bagel. We also got sable, nova, pickled herring and halvah. So good! It came with rugalach but it was oddly burnt. Everything else was perfection though! We froze some bagels and will have more for dinner tomorrow.

We watched Bloodhounds on Broadway (the 1950s version) on DVD.

The days are still going so quickly! The virus positive rate is low so I might return to in person shopping a little. I really missing picking out food and all we have is frozen and like a small ham. We don’t live near many grocery stores here in the city and I’m nervous about getting too much raw meat/seafood delivered. Maryland is doing horribly with the vaccine and Hogan hates Baltimore City so who knows when we might get it. Might as well get out before there is another wave.

daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 252: Leftovers (again)

For lunch I heated up the leftover home fries and bologna and fried an egg.

Dinner was pav bhaji without the pav and just on rice. It was still very good! I think we will make it again.

We watched Death in Paradise on Britbox. Would it kill to them to swap in a detective who isn’t a white guy?

The roofers were supposed be back but the team was awaiting Covid results (eep! Joel they are okay) so they are sending another team tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be too loud!! I sort of planned the day and our meals for yesterday and today thinking they’d be here and noisy. It did end up being noisy because our neighbor is having work done but it ended being a fairly chill day. I just want it done so I never have to hear the word “soffit” again.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 233: Baked Ziti

Baked ziti is very ugly.

The workers came back and out up our new downspouts. Apparently they need to come out and do a new estimate for the soffits and fix them next week. I’m tired of the banging, I’ve had a migraine for days.

For lunch we had leftover pork on leftover flatbread.

Matt made baked ziti with chicken meatballs and the leftover turkey pepperoni from pizza making and garlic bread with half a loaf I got from Costco last week.

I’m trying to figure out Thanksgiving this year. I don’t think it’s safe to eat in person so I’m leaning towards cooking food on the Sunday before and taking a plate over to my dad on the day and leaving it. I don’t see how I can cook all morning and be able to eat and drop it off before my dad likes to eat dinner at like 5 pm.

We watched GBBO and it was Japanese week and it managed to be somewhat offensive and clueless at the same time. Has no one there eaten Japanese food? Heard of Japan?

planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 229: Roasted Mushrooms & Gnocchi

For lunch we had mi goreng with leftover rotisserie chicken and I added leftover broccoli to mine.

For dinner I roasted a pound of mushrooms with garlic, lemon juice and capers, heated up some packaged gnocchi (tossed fresh baby spinach in the water as it cooked) and tossed with some sun-dried tomato pesto from Aldi. I also made pork chops. It was all very good and different than the usual. I’m really trying to mix in some pantry items with each dinner when I can to rotate them out. It’s easy for me to fall into the mindset of “saving” them for some future meal but if I am going to shop less frequently, that time is now.

I am still worried about rising COVID numbers locally. I’m trying to get set with food and things like cleaning supplies/OTC medication etc. like I did back in February in case we go back to only wanting to shop once every 3-4 weeks with no in-between smaller shops. I really didn’t find doing that too difficult but it is nice to have some more variety and not have to order grocery delivery.

I’ve been having to go out a lot to help my dad and do my mom’s estate paperwork (dropping things in the dropbox at the courthouse) but hopefully that is winding down. My dad hadn’t been up to date with some check ups in the past year after my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer so we thought it was a good idea to get those in-person only appointments in now.

We ordered a tabletop Christmas tree. I’m not sure if the puppy is ready to behave around a tree with all glass ornaments yet. I’d be fine skipping it but Matt really likes it. I guess since he didn’t grow up with one (being Jewish) it’s more of a novelty to him. I don’t love Christmas but it will look nice. We do have a good collection of all food ornaments.

We watched Nocturne, another Blumhouse movie on Amazon and caught up on the PBS shows.

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Day 187: Sandwiches & Chili

This morning I went to the farm stand in Kingsville, dropped off a package, bought some Coke Zero at Giant and dropped off my library books.

Then I came home and made a tomato-leftover pork chop sandwich for my lunch.

I made beef chili in the slow cooker with beans and tomatoes my dad insisted we take with us last week. Matt made cornbread with this weird buttermilk self rising cornmeal mix I bought with our Amazon Fresh delivery to bump us up to free delivery. It was good! He didn’t quite follow the suggested recipe but it turned out well.

We watched the new PBS show Van der Valk. It was pretty good.

I’m really getting through some You’re Wrong About episodes lately. Today was acid rain. I miss the days when both republicans and democrats were concerned about the environment.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 181: Noodles & Costco Chicken

Today was exhausting. I kept getting calls and texts the state organization that my mom kept applying for help from and didn’t get approved for (after nearly a year with brain cancer) until this month asking about her death. Then I got a call from somewhere tonight asking about her death again that I thought was them but maybe it was the crematorium? I was upset (annoyed) and tired of the calls and she said she was sorry they took so long to help with her care but then they asked what my mom’s mother’s maiden name was which seemed odd? I don’t know who it was. I guess if they need anything else they will call my dad or call back? Or the hospice if it was the crematorium? People need to identify themselves more clearly on the phone and it use acronyms. I was in the middle of dinner and starving and it was from a area I get a lot of spam calls from some and a number that had never called me before so I thought it was spam and was going to answer and then hang up on them.

Anyway! Sorry if it was the crematorium people but I filled out the form completely and gave it to them. If it was them, wouldn’t she just say I must be confusing them with someone else? If it wasn’t, why are they asking about her mom’s maiden name?

In the morning Matt took Mitzi to the vet and it was somehow $200 for shots, ear drops and to insert the microchip we gave them. Then he went to Rheb’s to pick up the candy I order for my parents and us before my mom died.

THEN we went to my dad’s house and picked up my mom’s beloved sewing machine. It was a 1941 home ec machine Grandpop bought her used when she was in high school. My dad also gave me a bunch of other things of hers like a quilt she made and some other small items. My parents are/were minimalists so she didn’t have much. My dad is really packing it all up and giving it away to women’s shelters.

I’m excited about the sewing machine because its one I’ve always been able to use successfully and have made a ton of things on it. The leg is a little wobbly now but I’m assuming it’s our old floors or a felt pad fell off? I can’t image it got injured surrounded by bread, pillows and blankets in the car.

We don’t live near Costco but my dad does so we went in and bought a bunch of stuff we needed. It’s still been hit or miss with toilet paper and dish soap so I wanted to get that. We got a rotisserie chicken and some bread for dinner. We barely made it all fit in the car. Matt insisted taking his car instead of my roomier Matrix for some unknown reason.

I actually put some pork country style ribs in the slow cooker in the morning with soy sauce, Korean pear, sesame oil, onion and gochugaru just in case we didn’t get to Costco so we can have that another day. It might even been better later!

For a super early lunch I had some leftover turkey breast from Saturday with a fried egg and mi goreng and Matt had leftover bison sloppy joe on rice when he got back from Rheb’s.

We watched the new McDonald & Dobbs on Britbox. The woman main character needs some work but it’s a cute show.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 168: leftovers & quesadillas

Today I planned leftover red rice and squash for lunch and put up pork for quesadillas in the slow cooker before I went to Aldi for the big grocery shop.

Good thing I did because the hospital called while I was there and I was able to see my mom in the hospital today and we set up hospice. It looks like she might be home tomorrow!

I had a few bites of lunch and had to leave.

I spent the day setting everything up and Matt made quesadillas with portobello mushrooms and the pork. Then we finished Mr Robot.

I’m exhausted, just grocery shopping is a lot right now and then it was the hospital (the only one in the area that allows visitors!) and calls to get a hospital bed delivered and a long meeting at the hospital.

I’m not sure what we are doing for food tomorrow at all. There is a tiny bit of pork left and I’m going to my parents’ for her arrival so I don’t know when I’d be home.

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Day 158: Leftovers & Ravioli

For lunch I had four different leftovers— a chicken burger, hummus, broccoli and naan. Matt had leftover chicken tenders with leftover spinach/mushroom wild rice pilaf.

Friday I had roasted some cherry tomatoes that were looking rough so we heated them up with onion, garlic and capers and tossed them with some smoked salmon ravioli from Costco and some Aldi smoked salmon.

I made some boneless pork country ribs in the slow cooker for Tuesday’s dinner with sesame oil, onions and chile-garlic sauce. I want to prep food for my birthday (Wednesday) on Tuesday so this will be one thing done. Plus they were sell by the 18th so now they are cooked and will keep a little longer. Our freezer is so full. I think I can fit a pound of ground chicken in there but that’s it.

Non-food related activities:

Mostly cleaning and puppy training.

We watched some more Kingdom on Netflix.

Laundry!! I ordered more masks because I realized we really don’t have enough. One of Matt’s straps snapped while we were waiting for our eye appointment last week and he ended up using two yesterday because he unexpectedly had to pick up his prescription in person (the one they delivered was wrong) and when he picked up the puppy pool from the neighbors’ house, they were on the lawn, unmasked. Since we had only been going out once every few weeks until now it hasn’t been an issue. But I know this week we have to take Mitzi to the vet for a round of puppy shots, the fish market and the produce stand since the produce boxes have been 50% things we don’t like lately and it’s our “vacation” and my birthday this week so we’d like something special. Then our glasses/my contacts should in next week and it will be time for another trip to Aldi. Time passes so oddly. Since we are only too people we don’t do laundry that frequently!