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Day 75: Put an Egg On It & Muffins (again)

For lunch I heated up some leftover chicken and wild rice pilaf, tossed in some feta and topped it with a fried egg.

After lunch I made more muffins for Matt’s breakfasts (carrot-walnut-ginger-yogurt) using up the last of the yogurt and some sad looking carrots. I also made chicken salad with the last of the feta, arugula from our produce delivery today, red onion and lemon pepper for tomorrow’s post-grocery store lunch.

Matt made fish stick sandwiches (to finish up the fish sticks and the last of the bread) and red mustard greens, Vidalia onions and potatoes from our produce delivery for dinner.

Our fridge is so empty! The emptiest its been in many, many months. We have a lot of shredded cheddar and butter I haven’t opened and we have some greens from today’s produce delivery but we are really low on pretty much everything else.

We are thinking about getting steamed crabs or raw meat from Fogo de Chão to grill for Matt’s birthday this weekend. Possibly both if it’s good weather! I’ll make the side dishes though.

Non-food related activities:

We finished A Discovery of Witches and I watched Liar on Sundance Now while we still have it.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 74: Soup and Spatchcocked Chicken

For lunch we had (canned) soup and the tiny bit of tuna we had leftover. Matt made us breakfast sandwiches with the last of the bacon and the English muffins.

For dinner Matt made kale with wild rice pilaf and grilled a spatchcocked chicken slathered in spices and lemon.

We have a ton of chicken leftover. My goal was to have at least enough left that we could have some tomorrow for lunch after I come back from Aldi.

It’s been nearly a month since our last big grocery shop! We did get a small delivery with some basics like rice and Matt did a small shop at Weis for hot dogs, rolls, soda and condiments mid month. I think we could probably go another week without another big grocery visit but Matt’s birthday is Friday and I want to get some food for that and we are out of potatoes. He’s still taking Friday and Monday off so we will have time to make something fun if we wanted to.

We are still getting most of our food in person but our grocery stores are limited here in the city and we haven’t been to our local small grocery stores where we’d get things like rice in months.

I feel like we are spending less money on groceries but we didn’t track it too closely before. At any rate we aren’t spending anything on takeout or going out to eat. We normally got takeout for dinner at least once a week and lunch out or takeout on Saturdays and Sundays and often out to dinner too.

We are debating where Matt should go to shop on Wednesday to fill in for my Aldi shop. Our produce delivery fills in a lot of gaps but since we like a lot of variety it’s hard to just shop at Aldi and get produce delivery. Aldi is great but unless they are having a specific sale, we mostly get the basics there and go to smaller speciality shops for everything else.

Non-food related activity:

We watched more of A Discovery of Witches.

I had a horrible migraine after dinner and went to bed early.


How to Grocery Shop Less Frequently

I’ve had some questions about how we have been able to go so long (3 weeks then 4 weeks) between grocery shopping so I thought I’d put together some tips.

We have made every single meal since 3/12/20. We had some dry goods delivered including small amounts of soap, pasta, flour, yeast and bread products once during that time. We have a weekly produce delivery that started up again recently. That’s a great option if it is available to you or you can do what I did before it started up and focus on longer lasting fruits and vegetables. Not much is in season right now (May 2) so my produce boxes have been very basic–onions, potatoes, lettuce, and carrots. The majority of my produce is coming from chain supermarkets.

I do not plan meals before going to the store. I buy what looks best and has the best expiration dates. Then I come home and decide what to make from what we have. We had a large spice cabinet but we didn’t have much of a pantry (beyond a few cans of tomatoes and beans, tuna and baking items) or anything in the freezer before this began due to storage issues (we live in a small house in the city with little storage and have a small refrigerator with a top freezer). I’ve been trying to stretch each dinner into two “big” meals by purposing the leftovers and making something lighter for lunch vs having dinner leftovers for lunch then making another whole big meal for dinner.

You do need to be flexible, this really only works when you are cooking what is available vs what you want that very minute. That’s not to say I’m m cooking food we dislike but if we don’t have something need to make something I’m craving then I have to wait until the next trip to hopefully get the ingredients.

I admit is it a great privilege to be able to spend our whole month’s food budget at once. We are not spending money virtually any other way beyond the same basic bills each month we had before-no entertainment, eating out/takeout or other social expenses so it’s working out. We are lucky that we both can work from home (although I basically have no work now as I am a freelance recipe developer and places are not hiring) so our transit costs are virtually nonexistent.

I shop with getting through 3-4 weeks in mind (you can check the archives and see what we eat each day) but this also works if your goal is every two weeks. The less frequently we all shop the less stress there is on the store employees, the stores and yourself.

Pick your stores wisely. I shop primarily at Aldi anyway so it made sense to go there for the basics. The two times I’ve been there it’s been fully stocked with meat, produce, tons of canned goods, paper products and their usual deals. It’s a smaller store, they are taking lots of percautions including plexiglas between you and the cashier, wiping down each cart (eliminating the need for a quarter), requiring masks and limiting the numbers of people allowed to shop at once. My husband has been going to one “regular” supermarket later the same day to fill in the gaps with food Aldi doesn’t sell (some international ingredients, condiments, particular brands of products we prefer) or something I wasn’t able to find. His trip has been more “wants” than “needs” and if we had to we could eliminate it but they do make for more interesting meals. 99% of what he is buying is shelf stable, dairy or frozen ingredients to complement the staples I bought at Aldi. If you have a store that is great for staples and everything else you could obviously just shop at one store.

Chose stores that have the best chance of having what you need. For example, we chose supermarkets with pharmacies so we could pick up things like mouthwash and vitamins while getting food. We also picked by which store was having sales of items we wanted and went on the first day of the sale; when they would most likely be in stock. We also like going to both stores on the same day so he can pick up anything Aldi unexpectedly didn’t have, it makes planning a little easier and our “outside world” exposure clocks are synced.

Meat/Seafood: Shop by expiration date. Meat in vacuum sealed packaging generally has longer expiration dates—a week or more. Pre-marinated meats, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, and ham often have expiration dates of 4-6 weeks out. When you get home, make a list of expiration dates and use the food in order of expiration. Freeze anything you can’t make in time. I also froze food to help provide variety. I had two packages of chicken that had back to back expiration dates so I froze one so we weren’t eating chicken all week. Buying in bulk from local producers is also an option if you have the storage space. Use less meat if possible.

Frozen seafood is a great option and can last 6 months or more in the freezer. Eat fresh seafood right away. I do not recommend freezing “fresh” seafood because a lot of it is actually previously frozen and defrosted before it is sold to you at the supermarket. You can freeze freshly caught, cleaned fish.


Buy long lasting fruit like apples (which were probably picked last fall and kept in cold storage anyway) and citrus. Both can last around a month or more if in a cool spot. Softer fruit like berries, peaches and plums need to be eaten more quickly or frozen after purchase.

Vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, rutabaga, celery, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, radishes, potatoes, onions, garlic have lasted me 4-6 weeks in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place (my uninsulated enclosed porch houses our potatoes, onions and rutabaga). Fennel, eggplant and summer squash like zucchini are good for 1-2 weeks. Hearty greens like collards, kale, dandelion greens or rapini can last up to two weeks in the fridge. Lettuce grown hydroponically and sold with the roots attached can last around two weeks if kept in it’s original clam-shell container. Eat more perishable vegetables like most lettuce, baby spinach, fresh herbs first.

Regrow your scallions and spring onions by putting the roots in a jar of water.


Check your dates. Organic milk generally has an expiration date of 4-6 weeks out. Most packaged cheese (either in plastic bags or containers) will have expiration dates of at least a month away. We have some Cabot cheddar that expires in October! Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese often has a date of 2-4 weeks away. Hard cheeses like Parmesan can last many months stored properly.

Dry Goods:

Don’t forget the staples like pasta, rice, bread, breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, any condiments. Try to keep a stocked spice cabinet to keep things interesting. Buy rice in bulk if possible, it lasts many months if stored properly. Store-bought sliced bread has been lasting about 2-3 weeks on the counter. We’ve been turning the heels into breadcrumbs and freezing them.

Canned tomatoes, seafood and beans are must haves. I like Better than Bouillon stock bases for when I don’t have homemade. We don’t have the storage space to make and store stock in bulk. Vacuum packed ready serve lentils, wild rice and farro are great to toss into salads and soups with minimal effort.


Look for long lasting ingredients that pack big flavors like chipotle peppers in adobe, capers, pickles, mustard, harissa or other spice pastes. We’ve really enjoyed packs of mi goreng noodles to toss with leftover meat and vegetables.

Chocolate chips, marshmallows and other baking ingredients last months. We have been making our own cookies and cake for treats.

Remember to get some “treat items”. We’ve been getting small packages of smoked salmon at Aldi and a few large candy bars each grocery visit.

Keep a running list of any staples or food items you run out of during the weeks between shopping. It can help you decide which store to go to and of course, make sure you remember to pick it up. I have a “note” on my phone I just add to when I think of something that has some items we always need (eggs, bread) on it already then I print it out or handwrite a list to bring with me/give to my husband so we don’t have to handle our phones in the store.


Don’t buy food you don’t think you will like it or food you don’t actually plan on eating. It’s wasteful and takes away from others. I’m seeing a lot of this online. Don’t be one of those people!

Unless you have a ton of freezer or fridge space don’t buy a ton of single meal items (frozen dinners, pizza) which take up a lot of space in the freezer or refrigerator. Raw ingredients like take up less room and are more versatile.


Be reasonable about your expectations and flexible. You can’t always get what you want when you want it.

Figure out what works for you. Do you eat breakfast every day? Can you make something that lasts longer with fewer or bulk or fresh ingredients? Think muffins, fruit with peanut butter or oatmeal vs fresh eggs and toast every day. Do you hate leftovers or eating the same things in a row? Freeze leftovers or repurpose them vs serving the same meal back to back.

Be reasonable. You are not going to want to cook an elaborate meal every day. It’s okay if lunch is a can of soup. Eat crackers for dinner one night. Who cares? Toss in some vegetables in your next meal and move on.

Have a stash of reusable Ziploc type bags and reusable containers for leftovers and storage.

Plan meals around what is available and needs to be used first. Repurpose leftovers before opening a new package of beans or meat.

daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 47: Corned Beef Baked Frittata & Ravioli

Matt made a baked frittata with 4 eggs, leftover rice, leftover corned beef, garlic, onions, leftover shredded cheddar and frozen spinach for lunch. It took forever to bake but it was great! Frittatas are wonderful for using up leftover odds and ends and when stretched with a lot of other ingredients (like rice) don’t have to use that many eggs.

For dinner I sauteed some cubed ham, mushrooms, onions, garlic and kale and tossed it with from frozen truffle mushroom ravioli from Aldi. This is my favorite way of serving frozen/fresh store bought ravioli or tortellini. It’s easy, has vegetables and doesn’t require me to make a real sauce.

I made tuna and pasta salad for our lunch tomorrow and prepped ham, rutabaga, carrot, parsnip, and celery for slow cooker split pea soup tomorrow. All I will have to do is make some broth (using Better Than Bouillon) and get it going in the morning. Last time we went grocery shopping it was an exhausting day and I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to come home and cook lunch or come up with dinner. I don’t love grocery shopping and we don’t have many grocery stores near us. Even though we live in the city, the closest store to us over a mile away and unfortunately, we have bought rotten meat, expired dairy, and spoiled seafood there before. I don’t want to deal with that at all if I can manage and I really don’t want to deal with it now. The next closest stores are about 10-20 minutes away so that plus the stress of shopping right now and the volume of buying for hopefully 3 weeks or more is so stressful! The last thing I want to do is worry about cooking tomorrow.

It has been 28 days since we last shopped so we are down to the bare bones in the fridge. We have a fair amount of frozen seafood and some chicken we froze earlier in the month in the freezer but it’s mostly condiments, cheese, a lone tub of hummus, eggs, carrots, zucchini, and celery in there. Like last time I am going to go to Aldi and then Matt is going to go to a “regular” supermarket to get the odds and ends we don’t get at Aldi-bread, International ingredients, anything from the pharmacy department (vitamins, mouthwash) we need and whatever Aldi didn’t have during my trip. And soda. I really am getting low on Coke and it’s making me antsy.

Nonfood related activities:

We are still watching some Meurtres à… They are a little uneven because they are basically made for TV mysteries taking place in different French towns but some are really good! It’s on Mhz.

I finally was able to get the last variety of bushes for my island in New Horizons. I’m still listening to podcasts while doing it. I don’t have a lot of TV shows that I watch airing right now and there are few jobs to apply to right now.

We both talked to our mothers who are in good spirits. My mom got the Skip-Bo deck and notecards I sent her for an early Mother’s Day gift and was really excited.

daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 46: Grilled Cheese with Corned Beef & Green Beans with Chicken and Rice

For lunch we made grilled cheese with leftover shredded sharp cheddar, marble rye, mustard and leftover corned beef. The ground corned beef was pretty crumbly so it mixed well with the cheese but wouldn’t have been great just sliced on a sandwich.

After lunch I made some Spiced Applesauce Corn Muffins using yogurt, applesauce and cornmeal that is/was all taking up a lot of room in my fridge and freezer. I posted the recipe here. Matt had one as a snack and said they were tasty! I froze some and left some out for him to have for breakfasts for the rest of the week.

For dinner we had some green beans to use up from last week’s produce box and some cooked chicken leftover from yesterday’s fritters. I don’t love green beans because they are a lot of work for something I find kind of blah but it made for a good dinner. Matt cooked them some chili oil/crisp, oyster sauce and sesame seeds for a sort of homemade takeout vibe.

I’m trying to plan for food to prep for tomorrow for Wednesday when we finally go the store. Last time I planned ahead and had soup I had made ready to heat up for lunch and we just had quesadillas with leftovers for dinner. Matt found shopping really stressful and it took a long time to both shop and unpack/organize everything. I’m leaning towards making tuna pasta salad for lunch and split pea soup in the slow cooker (prepping both tomorrow) since I have some boneless “carving” ham in the fridge. We are really scraping the bottom of what we have in the fridge now. It’s been almost a month since we shopped last and we haven’t had much delivered besides oil, a few produce boxes, flour, bread and yeast. We have a good amount of frozen fish but that all takes more effort and energy than I think I will have on Wednesday and doesn’t really yield leftovers if I were to have it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I think I might make some frozen ravioli because we have a bag taking up a lot of room in the freezer and I can dress it up with whatever vegetables arrive in our produce box tomorrow.

I found out we won second place in the challenge! Not too shabby. I can’t imagine first place made food that was any tastier than ours though!

Non-food related activities:

We watched the ever delightful Muppet’s Treasure Island on Disney+ and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on Hulu. I keep feeling like we should play a game or be more abitious in the evenings but I don’t have the energy.

I started listening to podcasts while playing Animal Crossing which turned out to be an excellent idea. I normally would only listen when washing the dishes or driving alone but since we are here 24/7 that hasn’t been happening.

daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 43: Hard-boiled Eggs, Tuna Salad & Chili

Another oddly chilly day for late April. Our backyard is basically flooded from the rain. I’m not eager to get to super hot weather but a few warmish sunny days to lounge in the hammock would be nice!

For lunch I made tuna salad (2 3.5 oz cans tuna, mayo, dill relish, dash Goddess dressing, lemon pepper) on white bread (me) or pumpernickel swirl (Matt) with bibb lettuce from the produce box. I made double what we need and refrigerated the rest.

I had a snack of a hard-boiled egg dipped in “everything bagel” seasoning. I got the idea from these pre-packed eggs with dry dip I tried at the Natural Products Expo. It’s really good!

We heated up the leftover chili and I had it over some baked potatoes to use them up and Matt had it over pasta. He made extra pasta so I stirred it into the leftover tuna to stretch that out.

We are out of Utz chips and our favorite pretzels. I’m very close to ordering a case of pretzels from the factory. It seems a little nuts but if they had good expiration dates it might be worth it. We eat about a bag a month and had planned to pick up more at the pretzel museum when it got warmer but that’s of course closed now. We had bought 6 bags back in November and finished them up yesterday.

We had a little ice cream with my favorite caramel sauce and we are almost out of both. I think we will be able to get more ice cream but I get the caramel sauce from this tiny supermarket further in the city and I can’t imagine getting there anytime soon.

Matt picked up our box from Blue Hill Tavern for the contest. I’m a little disappointed. The soft crabs were supposed to be local “whales” but the owner said couldn’t get them (understandable) so we have some frozen tiny crabs from somewhere else and a few shrimp. No mirepoix, just a tiny bit of mystery grated cheese, and about half the amount of potatoes I was expecting, 1 onion, 1 carrot, a tiny Roma tomato, 2 ears of corn, cream, butter, 4 eggs, a packet of Kool-aid, 2 kumquats, a slice of watermelon, and a bottle of wine. The last two week’s boxes look a ton better than what we ended up about. We’ll use it of course, but I wish we were told that the crabs weren’t available and we could have just gotten something else or tried another week. I was excited at the idea of an activity for the weekend (and very very excited for soft crabs!!) but now it’s shaping up to be more of a chore. I had some fun ideas but they really won’t work with tiny crabs, a tiny amount of shrimp and 4 baby potatoes. We can use our own oil/spices/garnish for the contest but there isn’t a lot to work with. I’m sorry we spent the money now. It is nice to help out a local business which was part of my goal so I’m trying to focus on that.

Non-food related activities:

I read some of an ARC of the upcoming Lisa Jewell novel. I’ve been reading her books for like 20 years now! OY! They are so uneven but they are normally pretty entertaining.

We watched the Hedwig episode of Riverdale. I think it was their best musical episode yet! Heathers was by far the worse.

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Fish Stick Sandwiches, Salad & Chili (day 41 recap)

Another chilly day! At least it was sunny for most of it. Our beach plums (above) are really blooming! Last year was our best yield so far (after planting the bushes several years ago) but we didn’t really take advantage of it because my mom was nearly diagnosed with her brain cancer. I just didn’t have the capacity to worry about it. The plums are very small (like cherry-sized) and require a lot of prep. Hopefully, we will get a good yield this year too and we certainly will be home for it.

For lunch, we finished off the box of fish sticks we opened a couple of weeks ago in sandwiches with tartar sauce and a sprinkle of Old Bay. I was really pleased with them! I hope Aldi has them again, they were wild, sustainably caught, and quite tasty. I also made a salad with lettuce from our produce box (please let us not get so much lettuce again for a long time), leftover beets and potatoes from making the mimosa salad, cucumber, red onion, the last of the feta crumbles and a drizzle of balsamic. It was okay but I am not eager to eat a cold boiled potato in a green salad again anytime soon.

Dinner was a super basic chili I made in the slow cooker: 2 cans kidney beans, 2 cans fire-roasted tomatoes with chiles, lots of spices, 1 1/4 lb cubed sirloin, onion, and garlic. We had it with leftover cheese from making quesadillas, red onion, sour cream, and tortilla chips. It was pretty tasty! I wish we had fresh peppers but the canned tomatoes with chiles are pretty good.

We also had some ice I bought early in March thinking we might want a treat we didn’t make ourselves in April. Good thinking, past Rachel

A local restaurant has been doing a “Chopped” style challenge where you can get a box of seafood, meat, wine, vegetables, eggs, butter, cream, fruit, etc for $50 to make a meal with. You post what you create and you can win a gift card to the restaurant. Normally I don’t know if I’d do that but $50 seemed fair for all that food and drink and this week one of the ingredients is soft crabs!! My absolute favorite. We have to pick up the box Friday and make it by Monday afternoon. At the very least it will be a fun activity. I am a little nervous about the pickup but I think it will be okay. We need to go to the store next week anyway.

Non-food related activities:

We finished Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. So many frustrating people. We also are finishing up Poldark season 4 on Prime, we had watched it live back when it aired but went on vacation We never saw the last three episodes because we missed one on the PBS app and PBS is pretty ruthless about episodes only being available for 10 days or so. I noticed we have season 5 on DVD coming up on our Netflix DVD queue (people laugh that we still get DVDs but they are great now! So many movies and shows aren’t available for streaming and we have so much time) so I thought we should catch up in case they are sent out soon. We only have like 40 discs in our queue and new stuff (last season of Mr Robot, please!) gets jumped over and we end up with some movie from 1983 I only vaguely know why we wanted to watch it. At least we know we like Poldark! I sort of prefer binge watching it anyway because it’s easier to keep everyone straight; they have a habit of picking up some very old storyline suddenly and all those white men in topcoats look alike to me.

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Orange Oatmeal Muffins & Hot Dogs (Day 26 recap, 4/7/20)

Matt made those sweet potato cornbread muffins a little over a week ago (time both flies and doesn’t move) and ate his last one today. After lunch I whipped up a batch of orange-oatmeal muffins. They are perfect for self-quarantining because they don’t use a lot of flour (because of using oats), citrus lasts a long time (these oranges are around a month old) , use only one egg and instead of a whole cup of milk, I made up a third with fresh orange juice. Plus they use oil instead of butter. They are really tasty too! A lovely light orange flavor and they are filling without being heavy.

I made a little too much of spaetzle dish yesterday because I didn’t want to have to come up with something new to use the pork in again and I knew today would be the last day the pork would be safe to eat. However the leftovers weren’t quite enough for both of us to have some. Luckily we had some leftover chicken from Sunday so for lunch Matt had the leftover chicken and potatoes and I had the leftover spätzle with smoked pork and cabbage. It was a relief just to have to heat something up in the skillet vs making something new!

For dinner we had hot dogs, tots and salad with lettuce from last week’s produce box and some red onion, tomato and cucumber I bought last week at Aldi. I am planning more hands-on meals for tomorrow and what we had expiring the soonest was chicken and Matt had some for lunch. I really enjoyed having an easy meal day!

We froze the bone-in chicken thighs I bought last week. The expiration dates weren’t as great as they were when I shopped on 3/12 but I really wanted to stock up so I ended up with a lot of chicken (1 whole, 2x boneless thighs and 1 pack bone-in thighs) with very similar expiration dates (4/9,4/11). I don’t love chicken so I don’t want to eat it every day! Anyway, I marinated some thighs (expiration 4/9) tonight to have for tomorrow’s main meal.

Non-food related activities:

I’m reading Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capó Crucet and really identifying with the main character’s experience at college. It’s sort of unsettling.

I tried to read Gish Jen’s newest book, The Resisters because I have loved all of her other novels but I couldn’t get into at all. It’s not my genre and while it is kind of cute I don’t really enjoy books with made up names and worlds.

We are watching Blood on Acorn. I had watched the first season a couple years ago but now the second season is out so I am re-watching the first with Matt. It’s one of those shows were you really have to pick out not only the mystery aspect but who everyone is, how old they are, why they are reacting the way they are, where they are.

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Day 20 Recap: A Trip to the Store, Leftovers & Hot Chocolate (4/1/20)

I finally left the house today! It has been 21 days since I last grocery shopped or left the house and actually went anywhere. It was nice seeing all of the trees and flowers in bloom while driving to the store. Our neighborhood has a lot of flowering cherry trees and I was sad I was missing them.

I went to Aldi and it was stocked as normal. Some stock was slightly lower than normal but they had everything they always do including things I heard were in short supply like flour, eggs, butter, toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies. They were very well set up–Plexiglas between you and the cashier, lots of signage about staying six feet apart (it’s about the length of your cart and you) and only one person was allowed to put things on the belt at a time. It wasn’t very busy either; about the same as it always is when I shop on Wednesday. Most people were wearing masks and a lot were also wearing gloves.

I didn’t buy more than 1-2 of each item (except tuna, they had many, many cases of tuna so I didn’t feel bad getting a few extra cans–we eat a lot of tuna) and I think I will be good for most (all?) of April, especially if I can keep getting produce delivered. I still had a few items left from my shop three weeks ago–amazingly a bagged salad (it is mostly carrots and cabbage), some cabbage, cauliflower, celery, carrots, Brussels sprouts plus a small ham and some hot dogs. We were pretty much out of fresh meat and getting very low on onions, eggs and dairy. I got a bunch of different meat and seafood (fish sticks! something I don’t think I’ve eaten since the late ’80s), a few hardy veggies, some canned goods and other basics. I’ve never spent so much at an Aldi before! The expiration dates on the meat weren’t quite as good as they were when I shopped in early March so I have to be careful to use things wisely and possibly freeze somethings for later. I honestly had a couple more non-essential things I kind of wanted but my cart was super full and starting to overflow thanks to some bulkier/weirdly shaped items. It’s really strange trying to shop for a month at once. I’m glad we were able to do that, I know a lot of people don’t have that opportunity. It kind of throws off our budget for the next two weeks but since we aren’t doing any socially or spending money commuting it should even out. Plus there should be little to no food shopping for the rest of the month. It’s just a lot up front.

Matt went to a local Weis and it was apparently the Wild West. No one kept their distance, most people didn’t have masks and the shelves were missing a lot. Yuck! We only get a few things there that we can’t get at Aldi and he was able to pick up most of them. Some more unusual shapes of pasta (for soup), beef Better Than Bouillon, frozen pierogi, kasha, specialty rice, frozen puff pastry, banana leaves, empanada wrappers and phyllo dough and a bunch of rolls and bread. Now that we know we are probably going to be home for a long, long time, we wanted to make sure we have things beyond just the absolute basics so we could make some fun meals. Plus they aren’t as popular of items so they were in stock!

I know there is some debate about whether we should wipe off or disinfect food packaging. I don’t really know. I wiped off the packages of meat and stuff I put in the fridge and freezer. Produce will be washed as usual and we left the nonperishable items on our (locked) enclosed porch to sit for a day or two. They seem to think it would be difficult to get the virus off cardboard or plastic surfaces but it does apparently live on them for a bit. Who knows? I can’t really find any definitive answers and I don’t think they have any. We did a lot of hand washing, changed our clothes and took a shower after we came home and unpacked.

I knew we wouldn’t want to cook after all the shopping (and unloading, oy) so I planned our meals earlier this week so we could have leftover borscht for lunch and quesadillas with the leftover pork for dinner. A lot of very similar/repeat meals the last few days. I bought a whole chicken today so I think I will roast that tomorrow for something different.

For a bedtime snack I had a really good cup of hot chocolate made with a mix by Amara. Seriously the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. And four marshmallows. It was an exhausting day.

Non-food related activities:

Since I actually left the house I was able to spin some stops for Pokemon Go and leave some things in gyms. My friends in the game keep sending me gifts every day but I haven’t been able to reciprocate since we don’t live near a stop.

We watched The Mallorca Files on Britbox. It was pretty cute. A very light mystery series set in a pretty place–perfect quarantine watching. I feel like the woman who plays the “serious” woman detective must be secretly funny, she always seems to be almost ready to laugh or smile but then fixes her face.

Not much else, I’m so tired!

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 18 Recap: Quesadillas & Sweet Potato Cornbread Muffins (3/30/20)

Our governor finally updated the order to have everyone actually stay home or face a fine! I thought it was needed a couple of weeks ago but he’s a trash governor so I’m not surprised he took a bit. I am glad it happened before we decided to go to the store to stock up. I don’t like the idea of a legally mandated shut down but I don’t think people were getting the hint about what to do with his vague directions. It’s still not super clear at all (why can we have gatherings of 10 or less but at the same time he wants us to stay home?) but maybe it will scare people into staying indoors.

I had leftover bangers and mash for lunch. I heated them up in a skillet so the potato and the sausage browned. It was surprisingly tasty!

Matt’s stomach still isn’t great, unfortunately! I think some of it is stress related. I had a carnitas seasoned pork roast from Aldi so I put that in the slow cooker and let it cook all day. Matt had some on rice and I had a quesadilla. I wasn’t going to make it (the expiration date was 4/8 so no hurry) but I figured this way we could both eat it tonight, I can make something with the pot roast leftovers tomorrow when hopefully he’s feeling better and then Wednesday we can make something with the pork leftovers for dinner after grocery shopping.

We hadn’t used the sweet potatoes I bought a few weeks ago. They were packaged by an “ugly produce” supplier and were all very small/weirdly shaped so couldn’t be used as just a regular baked potato. Since we are going shopping this week and I didn’t want them to go bad, I thought I’d roast them up to freeze/refrigerate and use later in recipes. I froze some and Matt used the rest to bake sweet potato cornbread muffins using this recipe (very similar/nearly identical recipe here without a paywall if the NYT recipe isn’t working for you). The recipe calls for baking them at 450° but that makes zero sense. Bake them at 350°.

The muffins will be perfect for breakfasts for him. I don’t always eat breakfast and he’s been eating a lot of toast and eggs in the morning, cutting into our supply. We’ll keep some out and freeze the rest for the future.

Non-food related activities:

We watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on Hulu. We’re not loving the development of her singing her feelings. It seemed too pat and to contradict what the earlier episodes implied. She’s been keeping in a lot of feelings she isn’t dealing with the entire season, why sing now?

We had The Dead Don’t Die out on DVD from Netflix so we watched a bit of that. I’m not sure why Jim Jarmusch felt like he needed to do a zombie movie? I guess he did do vampires so what else is there? Why did every guy I dated in college and then, later my husband, want to watch every Jim Jarmusch movie ever?