daily recap · what we ate

Day 442: Pita

I went to Aldi to get food for Matt’s birthday and the long weekend. I don’t miss doing the whole month shopping trips!

For lunch I made myself a salad with fake crab, kewpie mayo and cucumber.

Matt didn’t feel great so I had some the gyro meat, tomato, cucumber, feta and garlic sauce in a pita and he had some soup.

I poached some salmon to make quiche with tomorrow.

We watched Cruel Summer. Where is this going??

I finished the rug hooking kit! I really think I’ve had it like six years. I was always nervous to try it because it didn’t come with a lot of yarn and I didn’t know what I was doing. It was pretty easy though but counterintuitive, you pull the yarn up through the fabric with a shallow hook so you are basically working by feel. It’s similar to punch needle but with punch needle you are punching down.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 437: Sundubu-jjigae

Another day doing some errands! I had to open some new accounts at the bank and ran into IKEA first to pick up some picture frames and candy. I can’t resist Polly. The bank is a local one and everyone is always so nice there! After the bank I ran in the store to see if they had any small amounts of meat to add to the sundubu-jjigae dinner and found a steak that was (I assume) erroneously for sale for $2.43. I am not one to pass up a bargain so I grabbed it and left. Ha!

For lunch we had tuna and these queso dip flavored chips from Aldi. They oddly do taste like queso!

For dinner Matt made sundubu-jjigae. It came out great! The meat was so tender and it helped use up some of the massive amount of kimchi we have in the fridge.

We watched Hacks on HBO Max. I was looking at our cell phone bill and it turns out we can save money by upgrading and it includes HBO Max! So I canceled that and will sign in for free. Hacks is so good!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 435: Gyros

We were a little low on staples so I ran to Aldi in the morning where they also had dog beds and kiddie pools for sale, both I’ve been keeping an eye out for Mitzi.

I had some shrimp when I came back. My new lounge chair was delivered but not until it was too late to use it! Tomorrow!

For dinner we heated up some gyro meat we got at Costco and had it on pita with the grilled onions, Trader Joe’s garlic sauce, tomatoes. It wasn’t bad! A little bland on its own but it was fine with toppings.

We watched Cruel Summer. Where is this going?! And finished Wandavision. I don’t think the kids added anything to that; they were so boring!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 428: Red Beans & Rice

I had to help my dad out in the morning so busy day! It was right next to an Aldi so I picked up some rhubarb and tomato vine candles (that is a combo made for me!) and eggs/milk.

For dinner Matt made sort of a chicken creole with leftover rotisserie chicken (we froze some chicken too! We had a lot!) and made red beans and rice from a packet.

I had a ton of library books come in so I had some hammock time to put a dent in it. It’s really unseasonably chilly! I almost needed a blanket.

I started a new weaving using locker hooking from a class I downloaded while watching Cruel Summer. The Clerks references were funny considering her father is Kevin Smith. I don’t trust her though!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 425: Pizza!

My dad kept saying he wanted to have us other for food now that we have all been vaccinated so we picked up some Baltimore-style pizza from a place near-ish him. We own a pizza bag so they stay nice and hot! It was nice eating food we didn’t make ourselves but I think they left off some ingredients from my pizza.

I did see a great blue heron!

He lives near Costco so we popped in and got some odds and ends and 2 rotisserie chickens. I can’t shake these migraines lately so I wanted easy food on hand. Worst case scenario we freeze some of it.

For dinner we had these pita/ folded flatbread type things I bought at Aldi with chicken, tahini coleslaw and tortellini salad from Costco.

We are a little overloaded with leftovers!

I did watch a lockerhooking weaving class I bought and ordered more craft supplies. I haven’t been crafty in years so it feels good to make something. I figure if I ever want to sell anything, the punch needle might be a good choice because it is a quite a bit quicker than weaving.

We watched Kramer vs Kramer which neither of us had seen and The Nevers on HBO Plus. Joss Whedon is the worst, I wish someone else did the show because it has some promise.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 419: Red Beans & Rice

I had some frozen shrimp for lunch with a can of tomato noodle soup. Dinner was leftover red beans and rice. I think it was actually better the second time! More creamy!

I stopped at the supermarket to pick up some soda and some odds and ends. Do you ever have a day where you drop or break everything? That was today.

We watched Mare of Easttown and The Nevers on HBO Max and I started a weaving for my friend.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 415: Cauliflower and Tofu Salad

I went to Aldi in the morning to pick up some produce and odds and ends. It was Mexican food week so I got some ingredients to make tacos when the avocados ripen.

It’s nice going to the store and not feeling like I have to prepare for a week! I got some really nice eggplants I have to figure out something to do with.

I came home and had some canned soup. blah.

I had prepped dinner yesterday so all I had to do was roast the tofu and artichoke hearts and make the orzo.

We watched A Room with a View on HBO Max. I hadn’t seen it before! Helena Botham Carter looked like a baby. I think it was the only thing featured in Gilmore Girls that I hadn’t seen before.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 409: Collards

I stopped by the post office to mail out my latest weaving to an online friend who promised to report back about how it arrives. While I was out I saw three new murals in my neighborhood! Two were still being painted.

I stopped in the Italian grocery for some mini meatballs, olive spread, bread and got some sandwiches. I’m excited about small outing like this being less fraught. I’m almost two weeks out from my second shot! I’ve started putting physical books on hold to pick up. The library stopped doing curbside and opened up a few weeks ago but I didn’t want to do that before vaccines were open to everyone. I’ve been reading on my Kindle but not everything is available.

For dinner Matt finally made the collard greens with smoked turkey he wanted to make all week! I had bought a very tiny spiral sliced ham (maybe 3 lbs? less) at Aldi so we had a few slices of that. We have so much greens left! We already froze some and have a huge Pyrex leftover in the fridge.

We watched The Lady Eve on Netflix DVD. I can’t believe we have never seen it! I want to do a con artist movie marathon now.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 406: leftovers

Took it easy today! I had mi goreng with cabbage and a fried egg and Matt had some soup.

For dinner we had leftover keema and potato/eggplant from Sunday.

Beautiful day! Spent time reading book number 88 for 2021 in the hammock and played ball with Mitzi for an hour.

Matt is going back to picking up his medication in person. It’s at a supermarket that we don’t love (we’ve bought spoiled meat from them several times) but they have a good dairy department and of course anything self stable is fine so it will nice to go back to picking up some things we can’t get at Aldi while he is there anyway.

Watched the finale of Meurtres à….

daily recap · what we ate

Day 398: Baked Ziti

This morning Matt took my dad to get his second shot. It went okay but they wouldn’t let him go back with him this time and my dad has trouble with the tablet they have to you use to sign in. At least he doesn’t have to go back! Tomorrow I get mine and they are starting walk ins so I’m wondering how that is going to go.

I played in the yard with Mitzi and a lot of our fruit trees/bushes are blooming!

Apple, fig, serviceberry and beach plum are all blooming and our (ornamental) cherry tree is close too.

For dinner Matt made baked ziti with ricotta, rapini and mini meatballs. The meatballs were from the Italian market and made the dish a lot quicker to get together.

Matt ran in Costco to get a chicken on his way home and turned it into chicken salad for tomorrow. He also brought home some Costco sandwiches and salads for lunch so that was easy.

My appointment tomorrow is right around lunch time so I’m glad we will have something ready to eat when I get in. I don’t eat breakfast and don’t want to since there might be a line so I’ll be hungry!

We watched Zoey’s Playlist and she’s finally with Simon!

We also prepped a defrosted brisket for the slow cooker tomorrow. I do not want to have to worry about food at all this week!