daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 390: Easter (lamb & pandowdy)

For our big meal of the day we made pita sandwiches with leftover lamb, eggplant dip, and kolokithokeftedes. So good!

I made a strawberry pandowdy for dessert, we had candy from Rheb’s and some frozen Reuben bites from Aldi for snacks around dinner time. We were still so full from lunch!

We watched the Charlie Brown Easter special and the Charlie Brown special where he goes to France and England (on a hover boat which apparently was a real thing) which was very cute.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 389: Lamb & Lemon Potatoes

I bought a leg of lamb at Costco so we went ahead and made that, Swiss chard and lemon potatoes for dinner.

So much lemon and mint!

For lunch we had the last of our Russ and Daughter’s bagels and lox from Costco.

We also made a sweet bread with candied oranges that was really good! Holiday weekend success!

We watched some Murdoch Mysteries. They are really packing in the old characters and storylines early in the season. I think they filmed during Covid maybe they wanted to get it all in just there were more delays?

daily recap · what we ate

Day 380: Lobster and Lamb

Another anniversary at home! This time I was able to pick up some fun food to have.

My dad picked me up some crab meat at a store local to him so I made crab cakes for our lunch.

For dinner Matt made chopped salads with homemade blue cheese dressing, a rack of lamb and lobster tails. So good! Lots of leftovers too since everything was Costco sized.

We watched Libeled Lady and Philadelphia Story on HBO Max. I actually don’t think either of us had seen Philadelphia Story before! Which seems odd because we’ve watched a lot of old movies and it’s very famous.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 340: Valentine’s Day!

My favorite holiday!

For lunch Matt made shrimp pasta salad with artichoke hearts.

For dinner he made a big strip steak (we split it), broccoli (blanched then sautéd in the beef pan), duchess potatoes (from Lidl), and roasted mushrooms.

For dessert he made a buttermilk chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting using the top two tiers of a heart shaped baking pan set my mom used for Valentine’s Day and my birthday growing up.

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (HBO Max) which he somehow had never seen. I gave him a kalimba so he played around with that.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 296: NYD

We continued our annual movie marathon with Anna and the Apocalypse (a musical that ended up being a real downer as everyone she loves dies), Sadie’s Last Day on Earth (cute and very Canadian), tried Little Monsters (so bad even Lupita Nyong’o couldn’t save it) and Into the Forest (why did they cast 30 year olds as teenage daughters of Callum Keith Rennie?). A real mixed bag. Night of the Comet was a hard act to follow.

We had dace with black beans on rice with sautéd cabbage. Not a fan of the canned dace. It was oddly chewy and just tasted like salt.

Our other meal was instant “Korean Army Stew” (budae jjigae) with pork belly, carrot and extra onions and it was really good! The packet even had fish cake and the chili beans in it.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 289: Risotto & Lamb

For lunch I made a smoked fish spread and we had “snackies” with cheese, pâté and apples. I had ordered a take and bake bread from Weis and it was sell by way into 2021 but it was moldy when we went to bake it! It almost looked like a dill bread. Luckily I had some fancy crackers on hand. The tree shaped cheese I had from Aldi was really tasty and cute! It looked like a regular wedge but then it separated into trees.

We had lots of Rheb’s candy for snacks and exchanged presents! We didn’t do much for Hanukkah this year but it was nice to have one day of doing nothing and exchanging presents. I got some earrings and purses so one day we need to finally be able to go somewhere so I can use them!

Matt made lamb chops and fennel risotto for dinner and then lava cakes for dessert! All very easy but fun.

We watched the Christmas episodes of Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie which happened to be in the season we were on!

I’m trying to finish the book The Undoing was based on, it’s so much better but very long. I had a migraine yesterday but feel a lot better now.

My loom still hasn’t moved since Dec 13. Matt urged me to order another loom (the one from the post that sparked my interest) from Blick that might get here sooner (they use FedEx). Hopefully I will like it! The other one I ordered from a store on Etsy was a lot bigger so two sizes might be nice.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 260: Thanksgiving

For lunch we had trout salad on marble rye and “Thanksgiving” flavored chips.

For dinner Matt made a tuna and potato appetizer (with caper-anchovy mayo) and a crispelle “lasagna” with sopressata and ricotta from the Marcella Hazan cookbook. Very good!! I’m glad we had a crepe pan.

It was nice doing something else during the actual day! My dad had what I made on Sunday so everyone was happy.

We started the French Agatha Christie “prequel” on Mhz. We had been putting it off because it was based on Hercule Poirot’s Christmas and we assumed it was Christmas related but it wasn’t! The story seems about the same but about a birthday.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 256: Early Thanksgiving

We had crumpets and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Then we made apple cranberry pandowdy, turkey, stuffing balls, cauliflower, apple cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy.

We watched Suspicion on Netflix DVD. Great movie until the end. I packed up a plate (well, made a plate then deconstructed into individual Tupperware containers and jars) to take to my dad tomorrow so he can have it on Thanksgiving.