Hearts of Palm & Chard Pasta Salad

I haven’t posted a recipe here in ages! This one was really good but relied on pantry ingredients so much I thought it would be a good fit on here vs my main recipe blog. Luckily things are returning to normal in the US (for now at any rate, don’t want to jinx myself) so I can go grocery shopping a little more normally. However, I had been so careful to restock my “pantry” (we don’t have one, everything is in Rubbermaid totes or on a cart) and freezer that I am really a little overloaded. I decided to skip doing a big grocery shop last week and this week in favor of eating what we had on hand. I get a CSA share each week and last week I got this Swiss Chard which thankfully was still good nearly a week later. The rest of it was using up odds and ends I had in the fridge or shelves to create a highly satisfying dish. We had this as our dinner the first night and then as a side the next. Very flavorful and very easy.


I bunch rainbow chard, stems and greens chopped (keep the stems and greens seperated!)

12 oz small pasta (I used cavatappi)

6-7 oz jarred or fresh “red” pesto (I used Aldi Priano Rosso Pesto)

8 oz jarred hearts of palm, sliced into rings

8 oz (drained) pearl mozzarella, halved or quartered if large

1 (jarred or homemade) whole fire roasted bell pepper, diced

1/4-1/3 red onion thinly sliced into half moons

1/4 cup coarsely shopped green olives with pimentos

garlic herb or Italian seasoning to taste


Bring a large pot of salted water to boil with the chard stems. Add the pasta and cook according to package instructions. Add the chopped chard leaves during the last 2 minutes of cooking. Drain and cool to room temperature. Pour into a large bowl, stir in pesto then remaining ingredients. Serve at room temperature. Refrigerate leftovers.

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Day 456: Fish Sticks

I ended up having some leftover pasta salad for lunch and posted the recipe so click the link if you are interested.

I am still trying to avoid major grocery shopping so we ended up having fish sticks for dinner and Matt had leftover pasta salad and I finished the cucumber salad from Sunday.

We watched Sorry Wrong Number (Netflix DVD) which is such an odd movie since it ends with the main character apparent death and you get the impression everything could have been avoided if she and her husband ever spoke clearly to each other.

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Day 455: Pasta Salad

I had the leftover eggplant in mi goreng for lunch.

I ordered a rigid heddle loom last night and a bunch of accessories. Now I’m going to be nervous until it arrives! I couldn’t find a place locally that sold any looms. I’m glad I just did it because when I was looking at the specs today it was sold out! I went with the biggest size since you can make smaller things on it but I hope it’s not too big. And that I like using it!

I started a new punch needle with the ultra punch. I’m finally getting that vintage yarn to work by not following the instructions properly. Ha! At least it works, I have so much of that yarn. I think I might like it better with larger yarn though.

We watched Dark Horse about a town in Wales that chipped in on a race horse. Steeplechasing looks horrific!

For dinner I made a pasta salad with pesto, hearts of palm, mozzarella and olives. It’s so hot today! It was good to have a cold dinner.

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Day 454: Chicken Again

For lunch I had some leftover lingcod and bok choy in some neoguri spicy seafood noodles.

Then we had leftover fried chicken and sides from yesterday!

Matt’s car is in the garage so fingers crossed it is fixable somewhat affordably.

I picked up some library books and signed up for the summer reading program again.

We watched the latest Whitstable Pearl on Acorn. It’s cute but I shouldn’t have read the book while it’s airing because the tweaks are confusing me.

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Day 445: Cake!

Today’s Matt’s birthday! We really wanted to get steamed crabs today but it was really cold and rainy.

There was a pop up bakery at the top of our street so I walked up and got a small sampling. I remember when there was a club that used to have a mobile police station in front of it there. Quite a change. They are opening up an actual bakery further down the main street so we wanted try some of their goods!

For lunch we got some Filipino food takeout. We haven’t had it in so long! I had the special pancit bihon and lumpia and Matt had some grilled pork.

Cinnamon roll snack! Then we had Indian takeout for dinner. They have the best lamb so Matt got that and I had the chili chicken. We missed Indian food we didn’t make ourselves so much!

The cake I made was great!

We watched Matt’s favorite movie, Get Crazy.

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Day 441: More Noodles

For lunch I had some frozen shrimp and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese.

I found some repainted Herman Miller shell chairs on Facebook Marketplace yesterday and they were being sold in PA about an hour away. Lucky me when I contacted the woman she said they’d be near Baltimore today and could drop them off! They look amazing. Matt says they are too short but they are the same height as our old chairs.

For dinner I was going to make quiche but I sautéd kale from the CSA for it and it was so bitter! I’m glad I tasted it. We ended up making instant noodles with cabbage and the chicken I was going to put in the quiche instead.

Matt’s birthday is this weekend so I want to go shopping tomorrow and buy any groceries we need. He’s taking off Friday so if I can’t get anything tomorrow then I can still get it on Thursday. We actually still have a fair amount of food and I want to clear out the freezer some but he wants to smoke some brisket and I know we don’t have that.

Our fridge keeps getting water in the deli drawer and no where else. It must be a blocked line but I can’t see where it is coming from, the rest of the fridge is bone dry.

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Day 437: Sundubu-jjigae

Another day doing some errands! I had to open some new accounts at the bank and ran into IKEA first to pick up some picture frames and candy. I can’t resist Polly. The bank is a local one and everyone is always so nice there! After the bank I ran in the store to see if they had any small amounts of meat to add to the sundubu-jjigae dinner and found a steak that was (I assume) erroneously for sale for $2.43. I am not one to pass up a bargain so I grabbed it and left. Ha!

For lunch we had tuna and these queso dip flavored chips from Aldi. They oddly do taste like queso!

For dinner Matt made sundubu-jjigae. It came out great! The meat was so tender and it helped use up some of the massive amount of kimchi we have in the fridge.

We watched Hacks on HBO Max. I was looking at our cell phone bill and it turns out we can save money by upgrading and it includes HBO Max! So I canceled that and will sign in for free. Hacks is so good!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 428: Red Beans & Rice

I had to help my dad out in the morning so busy day! It was right next to an Aldi so I picked up some rhubarb and tomato vine candles (that is a combo made for me!) and eggs/milk.

For dinner Matt made sort of a chicken creole with leftover rotisserie chicken (we froze some chicken too! We had a lot!) and made red beans and rice from a packet.

I had a ton of library books come in so I had some hammock time to put a dent in it. It’s really unseasonably chilly! I almost needed a blanket.

I started a new weaving using locker hooking from a class I downloaded while watching Cruel Summer. The Clerks references were funny considering her father is Kevin Smith. I don’t trust her though!