daily recap · what we ate

Day 416: Red Beans and Rice

Finally made red beans and rice! It’s been on the menu forever but I never got around to making it. I do it in the slow cooker using this recipe (I did sauté the vegetables first because Matt suggested it but I don’t honestly think it made much difference). I ended up with a migraine and Matt is on call so an easy dinner turned out to be a good idea. I used some chicken andouille from the freezer I think was from spring last year! It was fine but I froze some fairly recently so I’m glad I used it up. We have enough leftovers for a whole other meal.

For lunch I had some jajangmyeon from the fancy kind of packet where you get sauce not a mix and shredded some zucchini in it. I should have drained it more but it was still tasty.

Warmish day but crazy wind!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 414: Leftover Pizza

For lunch I had some frozen shrimp and Matt had a tuna melt with the leftover tuna on marble rye.

It was hot today! I wanted some hammock time to catch up on my reading but time got away from me and then it was nearly 90. I had a zoom job interview in the afternoon. Of course the dogs had to bark and the office phone had to ring during it.

I prepped tomorrow’s dinner in the afternoon—lots of marinating is needed. I love when I can do meal prep on days when I don’t actually have to make dinner.

We had the leftover pizza for dinner. It was tasty but I think pepperoni and meatballs is too much! The asparagus was good though.

We watched Cruel Summer. I can’t figure out where it is going to go!

We are getting low on produce and milk so I think I might do a grocery run tomorrow. I don’t think I’m going to try to do the mega shops anymore now that I’m fully vaccinated unless something changes.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 411: Pizza

We actually both had breakfast! Leftover ham, Gouda and egg on an English muffin. Matt normally eats Scottish oatmeal or cream or rice and I eat nothing.

For lunch we had snackies—a take and bake bread I bought at Aldi a little over a week ago and some liver/mushroom mousse and blue cheese from a Whole Foods order a few weeks back. And grape leaves from the Italian store.

Really just a day of random chores. We have very little storage in our house (it’s from the 1930s, we don’t even really have closets) so I’m trying to rearrange things versus buying new furniture to put things in. I have so many plates and textiles to use as photo props that needed a better place. I also have some very old jars of jam and pickles I made that need to be scooped out and washed. I really didn’t have small batch canning down at first and we were really overwhelmed by some of it. I hate wasting food but I also don’t want to die from eating them.

For dinner Matt made pizza with meatballs, pepperoni, leftover asparagus and red onion. We have so much leftover I think it will be dinner another day. I swear we eat more pizza now than we did before.

Watched a little Great British Menu. You can never tell me about the British stiff upper lip again, these chefs tear up and cry all the time! Which is, of course, fine but very different than the picture they always try to paint in books and American reality shows.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 404: Lamb Keema, Aloo Baingan & Take out!

We had a planned power outage and didn’t want to open the fridge and let the cold out so we picked up lunch at a local sub/pizza place. It was so good to have French fries! We haven’t had any in well over a year! They made really good chicken strips that come with cornbread for some reason. It was entirely contactless to! I’m glad they are keeping their employees extra safe.

For dinner Matt made lamb keema and aloo baingan. So tasty and filling with naan from Costco. We have a ton of leftovers too.

We watched Sound of Metal and it was so bad! How is it getting award attention? It didn’t make any sense on any level.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 401: Crabcakes!

I went to Aldi for a quick trip to get some veggies and ziplocks. They have composter on sale but my store didn’t have it. Luckily my dad found it near him.

For lunch we had mi goreng with broccoli and the rest of the leftover chicken from Monday.

Matt picked up some crab meat at Costco Monday so we made crab cakes for dinner. On the side we had some Korean pancakes from H Mart and a bagged salad.

We caught up on Death in Paradise.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 399: Brisket

Got my second shot! It was a lot less crowded even with walk-ins. Two more weeks and we will all be fully done!

Our dogwood is blooming!

I came home and had the chicken salad we made yesterday on the leftover milk bread.

I put up brisket in the slow cooker before I left so we had that and some mustard greens tossed with egg noodles.

My arm is a little sore! We watched the latest Meurtres à… and went to bed earlyish.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 398: Baked Ziti

This morning Matt took my dad to get his second shot. It went okay but they wouldn’t let him go back with him this time and my dad has trouble with the tablet they have to you use to sign in. At least he doesn’t have to go back! Tomorrow I get mine and they are starting walk ins so I’m wondering how that is going to go.

I played in the yard with Mitzi and a lot of our fruit trees/bushes are blooming!

Apple, fig, serviceberry and beach plum are all blooming and our (ornamental) cherry tree is close too.

For dinner Matt made baked ziti with ricotta, rapini and mini meatballs. The meatballs were from the Italian market and made the dish a lot quicker to get together.

Matt ran in Costco to get a chicken on his way home and turned it into chicken salad for tomorrow. He also brought home some Costco sandwiches and salads for lunch so that was easy.

My appointment tomorrow is right around lunch time so I’m glad we will have something ready to eat when I get in. I don’t eat breakfast and don’t want to since there might be a line so I’ll be hungry!

We watched Zoey’s Playlist and she’s finally with Simon!

We also prepped a defrosted brisket for the slow cooker tomorrow. I do not want to have to worry about food at all this week!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 397: More Lamb & Tamago Sando

For lunch we made Japanese egg salad sandwiches on the milk bread we got from the bakery and the kewpie mayo we bought at H Mart. Very easy and fun! The middle egg is slightly over cooked but it was tasty!

For dinner I had the last of the Zahav meal and Matt had hot dogs on milk bread with sauerkraut lol Trying to clear out the fridge!

Tomorrow my dad gets his shot, I get mine Tuesday and Matt gets his Wednesday so I am trying to keep meals extra easy this week. I hope we don’t all get a reaction!

We watched the Great British Menu. The WWII banquet was really cute. Another show where the contestants cry a lot. So much for the British having a stiff upper lip!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 396: Mortadella

For lunch we had mortadella sandwiches made with meat Matt picked up Thursday.

For dinner we both had leftover lamb and three new side dishes from the Zahav kit. Goodies from the Korean bakery we went to yesterday. It was a very international day of food!

Matt did our taxes! Looks like we are getting a refund, thankfully!