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Day 394: Zahav delivery!

Matt has a lot of vacation days so took some this week to make a long weekend.

He ran out to get some food at the local Italian market and picked up sandwiches there for lunch.

For dinner we had arranged for a fancy (and $$) meal kit from Zahav in Philadelphia for a belated anniversary/vacation treat. It was their whole lamb dinner with sides and dessert that we had in person a few years ago. Unfortunately they subbed in a dessert we didn’t want and wouldn’t have ordered had we known and some of the sides were short but it was delicious. The lamb reheated nicely, we even managed tahdig with the rice! It we have plenty left for at least one more meal. Maybe two more! We only opened 3 of the sides so we have more to explore.

We watched The Debut and Marty on Netflix DVD. We had never seen Marty. It always reminds me of the quiz show scandal whistleblower who loved Marty and was forced to give the wrong answer of On the Waterfront. The Debut was as fun as I remembered and reminded me of the grad parties I went to back then. The food looked so good. I can’t wait to go back to our fave Filipino restaurant one day.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 390: Easter (lamb & pandowdy)

For our big meal of the day we made pita sandwiches with leftover lamb, eggplant dip, and kolokithokeftedes. So good!

I made a strawberry pandowdy for dessert, we had candy from Rheb’s and some frozen Reuben bites from Aldi for snacks around dinner time. We were still so full from lunch!

We watched the Charlie Brown Easter special and the Charlie Brown special where he goes to France and England (on a hover boat which apparently was a real thing) which was very cute.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 389: Lamb & Lemon Potatoes

I bought a leg of lamb at Costco so we went ahead and made that, Swiss chard and lemon potatoes for dinner.

So much lemon and mint!

For lunch we had the last of our Russ and Daughter’s bagels and lox from Costco.

We also made a sweet bread with candied oranges that was really good! Holiday weekend success!

We watched some Murdoch Mysteries. They are really packing in the old characters and storylines early in the season. I think they filmed during Covid maybe they wanted to get it all in just there were more delays?

daily recap · what we ate

Day 386: Take out (!)

For lunch I made a big tuna and bean salad. Matt didn’t feel well so he had a can of soup.

Then our power went out! It was out most of the day! We were very close to driving some of the contents of the refrigerator to someone’s house to store them for us (the car was packed!) but just as Matt was pulling out of the drive way the lights came back on.

Matt ended up getting take out because we didn’t want to keep fussing and opening the fridge and it was getting late. We got Chinese food and it was so salty! Was it always so salty? Did we not notice? This was the first real take out beyond grocery store sandwiches twice.

We watched Top Gun (Netflix dvd). Neither of us had seen it before! I wasn’t expecting so much actual flying! There wasn’t much too it, I’m surprised it was such a hit. There was no real plot. A movie framed around Goose and Meg Ryan would have been cute; they were the only two characters with backstories or personalities.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 376: Boneless Beef Ribs & Veggies

For lunch we had sheet pan nachos with the leftover pork and some black beans. It’s a great way to use up leftover meat/salsa/cheese/chips when we are out of tortillas.

For dinner we did a Korean inspired beef rib in the slow cooker and served it on rice with broccoli and baby bok choy. We haven’t had the best luck with Whole Foods produce delivery, it seems to spoil very quickly.

I’m planning to go to Costco this week so maybe they will have some good produce? We don’t really need a ton of other groceries, just veggies and and small dairy items so I’d rather not have to do another grocery shop. I hate grocery shopping!

It is a beef heavy few days—chicken always expires first and beef last so it happens. I figure it evens out.

Tomorrow is Matt’s vaccine appointment so fingers crossed that goes well. It is not where my dad and I did ours.

More weaving and reading. Matt made clotted cream shortbread and delivered some to our friend. I don’t love shortbread but it was pretty good! Our friend sent him home with some sweet and savory cookies he made so we had them too after dinner. Love giving friends who cook!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 375: Pot Roast & Cauliflower Kugel

For lunch we had olive bread, a fancy spread and cheese from Whole Foods.

For dinner Matt made pot roast and cauliflower kugel. I liked the kugel a lot! Normally we make potato kugel but we had a cauliflower that was taking up a lot of room in the fridge I wanted to get rid of.

Exciting news! Matt got a text saying they had a spot for a vaccine at one of the state clinics downtown. It was really surprising because the new guidelines have him being eligible in Mid-April. Maybe they had extra? He was on the waiting list and answered truthfully (and again when he had to sign the screener again) yet it still let him make an appointment. It was very short notice with very limited spots and a window of 10 minutes to reply so maybe they had a bunch of cancellations or something?? Anyway! This will be great to have him, my dad and me done so close together!

We watched Sparkling Cyanide on Britbox. It was from like 2003 and really seemed like a back door pilot to me, lots of interesting enough but not really needed character development. Dominic Cooper was in it and looked like a baby. It really wasn’t like the Agatha Christie book at all, I think they could have dropped that connection—they reimagined it as a older couple of MI-5 agents which was cute.

We also watched some Mallorca Files. The show is pleasant but boy do you forget it like 10 minutes later. I don’t think I could tell you who a single criminal was on it or their motivations. I don’t know what it is about that show! The premise is similar to Death in Paradise and I remember a lot of that vividly.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 271: Chili

Vaccine day! Both me and my dad got our first shots. My arm hurts a bit but he’s fine!

I had prepped food so it was an easy day! Tuna pasta salad for lunch and then chili I had going in the slow cooker. The chili was good! I used a “chili starter” can of beans and habanero tomatoes for some extra flavor.

We watched some more French Murder and some Irish Gaelic show on Mhz. Kind of tired today! It was stressful worrying about the shot but it did go quickly.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 362: Eggplant Parm

Very close to a year! It was around now that we did out last “normal” outings of dim sum and then tapas. I remember at dim sum (with six others!) wondering if we should share the dumplings or get our own and talking about how one of the couple’s trip to Europe in the spring would most likely be canceled.

We had leftover tenders as a sandwich with avocados on the leftover rolls for lunch.

I had planned trout for dinner but Matt was reading the Marcella Hazan cookbook and decided he wanted to make eggplant parm so he made that. It’s the kind without breading but I can’t decide if it’s actually lighter or not. It was very tasty! He also poached the trout so I can make salad with it tomorrow. I want to make cookies too! Today I was a little headachy so didn’t get much done but read.

We watched Trouble in Paradise (Netflix dvd). Neither of us had seen it before. Very fun!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 359: Roast Pork

For lunch I had some leftover ham chowder.

For dinner Matt made black beans and rice with zucchini and slow roasted some boneless pork butt pernil style.

A little pork heavy for meals but I’ve found those pork butts don’t keep long after we buy them even if the date’s good.

Trying to help my dad with things is a full time job! Just getting online accounts set up and the vaccine schedule is exhausting.

We watched a good French mystery and went to bed lol