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Day 393: Tahini Cod

For lunch we just had canned soup. And a popcorn snack.

Nice weather today! Got out in the hammock and read.

For dinner I made siniyet samak bil tahineh over yellow squash and it was okay but I didn’t love the frozen cod I used. The texture wasn’t the best. I think I might stick with frozen tuna, maybe flounder and scallops and shrimp in the future.

I was excited to get the cod out of the freezer because Matt’s off the next few days and we want to go across town to H Mart and I want to actually have room for dumplings.

I gave up on the Missionary podcast. They really worked hard to dismiss anything that didn’t fit their narrative. I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to that last episode.

Matt dropped off some bread pudding I made yesterday to a friend and got to hang out with him on the porch for a while.

We watched the latest a Meurtres à… on Mhz and it was very made for TV romance-y. I can’t figure out that series at all, some of them are very different in production and tone and have names that don’t follow the format.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 376: Boneless Beef Ribs & Veggies

For lunch we had sheet pan nachos with the leftover pork and some black beans. It’s a great way to use up leftover meat/salsa/cheese/chips when we are out of tortillas.

For dinner we did a Korean inspired beef rib in the slow cooker and served it on rice with broccoli and baby bok choy. We haven’t had the best luck with Whole Foods produce delivery, it seems to spoil very quickly.

I’m planning to go to Costco this week so maybe they will have some good produce? We don’t really need a ton of other groceries, just veggies and and small dairy items so I’d rather not have to do another grocery shop. I hate grocery shopping!

It is a beef heavy few days—chicken always expires first and beef last so it happens. I figure it evens out.

Tomorrow is Matt’s vaccine appointment so fingers crossed that goes well. It is not where my dad and I did ours.

More weaving and reading. Matt made clotted cream shortbread and delivered some to our friend. I don’t love shortbread but it was pretty good! Our friend sent him home with some sweet and savory cookies he made so we had them too after dinner. Love giving friends who cook!

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 372: Steak & Wedge Salads

For lunch we had meatloaf sandwiches.

For dinner we had steaks with chopped up wedge salads. So good!

We got a Whole Foods delivery of some produce and dairy. I miss the Washington Green Grocer delivery but the customer service has been so bad and the rotten produce and expense was too much.

I did a whole tapestry in the afternoon. I’m so tired, maybe it’s the vaccine? I slept quite late.

We watched The Quiet Man (Ireland!) on Prime.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 358: Ham Chowder

Big trip to Aldi today!! I wrote about it here. It was weird being around so many people. I hadn’t shopped in person since 12/9/20. Now all the St Patrick’s Day goodies were out. Our fridge is so full.

Doing these mega shops is time consuming and a little exhausting so I put up some ham chowder in the slow cooker before I left. I picked up a take and bake pizza so we had that for lunch then had the soup for dinner.

We tried the 1989 Bloodhounds on Broadway (Netflix dvd) and it was awful! We watched a little more of the French mysteries too. I really don’t think they are a series in France the way they are here. They all have different titles. Maybe it’s a “Monday night movie” type thing like we had decades ago.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 357: Hot Dogs

Tomorrow I’m going shopping at Aldi so today was clear out the fridge day!

For lunch Matt had leftover spaghetti and meatballs and I had some frozen shrimp.

For dinner, roasted potatoes, tiny butternut squash and hot dogs.

Then we prepped all our veggies in the fridge for soup tomorrow: turnips, rutabaga, a carrot and parsnips. Plus potato and ham.

We watched more murders in France then tried to go to bed early.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 354: Spaghetti and Meatballs

We are really getting close to a year of staying home and making all of our own meals save I think two sandwiches from the Italian market and H Mart sushi. I had to renew the hosting and website address for this site!

I’m still unable to get my dad in to be vaccinated. Maryland, despite being the richest state in the US is in the bottom five for the vaccine roll out. Hogan is such trash.

My new loom arrived!! It’s adjustable on the sides so I can make it taller (longer?) it’s a lot sturdier than the larger one I have now and the expansion is a great idea. If I really get into large weaves he even makes bigger ones and even ones that stand alone!

For lunch we had leftover sticky rice and fried eggs. Then for dinner we had spaghetti (actually angel hair, Matt had bought like six packs by mistake awhile back) and mini meatballs from the Italian store in homemade sauce. It made a ton so we can have it as a dinner another day too.

I think I will go to the supermarket this week. It will be nice to pick food out in person and spring stuff is on sale already!

One positive of all this is that my least favorite season, winter went by very quickly! It was nice not to have to worry about driving in the snow or being out in the cold. All of the days are a blur but at least it’s almost March.

I signed up for a CSA that is all produce from farms here in Baltimore City! I have to pick it up but it’s pretty close. It starts in May. Hopefully I will be vaccinated by then but I think they just leave it on a table for you so it’s no contact.

We watched some more of the French series Murder in… on Mhz. Each one is a different French speaking city. One was in Reunion Island which was very interesting.

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Day 352: BAGELS

So spoiled today! We made sandwiches with turkey, aged provolone and capicola for lunch.

Then our order from Russ & Daughters arrived! It was $$$ but using gift money helped ease the pain. It has been so long since I’ve had a good bagel. We also got sable, nova, pickled herring and halvah. So good! It came with rugalach but it was oddly burnt. Everything else was perfection though! We froze some bagels and will have more for dinner tomorrow.

We watched Bloodhounds on Broadway (the 1950s version) on DVD.

The days are still going so quickly! The virus positive rate is low so I might return to in person shopping a little. I really missing picking out food and all we have is frozen and like a small ham. We don’t live near many grocery stores here in the city and I’m nervous about getting too much raw meat/seafood delivered. Maryland is doing horribly with the vaccine and Hogan hates Baltimore City so who knows when we might get it. Might as well get out before there is another wave.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 338: Pork Chops & Mash

For lunch I just had some canned tomato rotini soup with a wedge of cheddar and Matt had noodles and cottage cheese. I’m glad he has some go-to easy lunch! I haven’t shopped in person for over two months and we haven’t gotten much in the way of grocery delivery so we are a little limited on random foods and leftovers.

For dinner Matt made pork chops (from the freezer, I don’t feel like pork chops freeze the best but they were okay) with mushroom and mashed potatoes with gravy. We are getting a little low on vegetables here so potatoes and mushrooms count, right?

We watched the last in the Lara Jean trilogy on Netflix. Did they get a bigger budget or what? Korea and NYC? I don’t understand why she wants to be with Peter in college. He’s fine for HS but not too bright and kind of immature.

I finished off my ninth wall hanging! I really do not like this loom so Matt told me order another one. I found one that is adjustable in height and cheaper than the other one I was looking at so I ordered it. Hopefully it is good and arrives soon! Matt kept urging me to get a really huge one but I think that would take up more room and I’m not sure often I’d be making anything that big.

I signed up at our local mass vaccination site. I hope we can get into some where else first and my dad into anywhere because the mass location is awkward and I’ve heard long waits and lines with no bathrooms. I’m ready to get vaccinated and feel comfortable shopping in person again. The new variants are creeping me out.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 308: Duck Noodles

For lunch I had some canned minestrone soup. My secret is that I put a tiny wedge of cheddar in the bottom of the bowl and let it melt. Matt had the leftover sausage/red beans and rice.

For dinner I had defrosted a duck breast I had from over a year ago from some client work that we never ate. Matt seared it and we had it on some Neoguri with the rest of the napa cabbage and mushrooms from the weekend.

I haven’t been to the grocery store since Dec 9th so we’ve been relying on food we froze and staples. We’ve had a couple deliveries with dairy and produce (and one chicken) that we can’t get at Aldi. Normally we get produce delivery but it’s been pretty grim since nothing is in season. It’s expensive and I don’t like paying that much for potatoes and turnips when I can order them from the regular grocery store. I’m just taking it week by week. The virus numbers keep climbing so I’d like to avoid in person shopping and delivery as much as possible.

I will probably make a library pick up this week, they give you two weeks to pick up books now and I have a few in but some are being shown as “in transit” so I’m hoping they will arrive and I can get them all at once. Then I will have no more holds in.

We watched more Discovery. I wish there was more character development; it’s three seasons in. They keep telling us they are having trouble adjusting to the time jump but it’s hard to believe since they don’t seem to have hobbies, families, interests or any plans beyond flying around space.

More weaving! I’m trying to figure out twill. Chevron is in the ebooks I bought but not regular twill and I can’t find a video that shows it for more than a row or two.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 254: Meatloaf & Thrown together sandwiches

For lunch I made us sandwiches with flat bread, leftover chicken tenders, the dregs of a container of feta, Trader Joe’s garlic spread, cherry tomatoes (from October!), cucumber and the lettuce leftover from the salads yesterday.

For dinner I made meatloaf and we had baked potatoes stuffed with sautéed spinach.

The roofers were still here most of the day but it’s done now and looks good! We picked blue shingles which looks nice.

I went to Weis and picked up some odds and ends that I can’t get at Aldi. Mostly canned soup, pasta, bricks of cheddar, bread and cottage cheese. Here’s hoping we don’t have to shop any time soon! The freezer is packed so we should be in good shape if things get really bad and we don’t want to go out at all.

We started the Crown. I’m sad my mom didn’t get to see this season, it’s getting to a time when she’d really remember and she wasn’t much older than Diana.