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Day 165: BLTs & Pizza

For lunch we had BLTs with a yellow tomato.

For dinner Matt made pizza. He followed the instructions in the book for the first time and used less yeast and they came out pretty flat. Still tasty though! We used kalamata olives, sopresseta and capicola for toppings and mozz, parm and aged provolone for the cheese!

I’m a bit worried about our salt intake but I figure it has to be lower overall then when we were getting food at/from restaurants before. I’m trying not to dip into our freezer stash so when it’s been a bit since I’ve been to the store (it’s been almost 3 weeks) so I’m limited to what has better expiration dates and we have left.

Non-food related activities:

Got some reading done.

Started the final season of Mr. Robot (Netflix DVD). I can’t believe they killed off the blond muppet looking one so early on!

Trying to tire out the puppy is a full time job. Tomorrow we are going to crate her while Matt works and I return my new glasses and get a flu shot. I want her to be comfortable in the crate now so it isn’t a big deal when we leave in the future.

The people at my mom’s rehab are driving me nuts. They are acting like it’s a big deal about her paper work but they waited a week to email it to me from a nonfunctioning email address, requiring me to call them twice before they said to mail it in. Now the same guy called whining about it and asked if I could email it to him. No, it’s in the mail! I don’t have it anymore. Plus they called my brother about someone at the rehab when he is not their contact about someone having Covid 19 and he didn’t tell us until I emailed him about mom having pneumonia. I’m really exhausted about all this.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 148: Wraps & Sandwiches

I’m so glad (and lucky!) that we can buy a lot of goods at once to minimize shopping trips. It does make the trips sort of stressful because you are trying to think of everything you might need in the future too.

Matt took a couple hours off and went to Costco for the first time since February. He got wraps for lunch and a rotisserie chicken. Food someone else made! Wow.

Our fridge/freezer is so full. One false move and everything falls out. We’ve never done a Aldi shop, a Weis delivery and Costco all at the same time. The only fresh things Matt got was lox, nectarines and corn and the nectarines don’t need to be refrigerated. I broke down the chicken and had to lay it on top of condiments.

Matt bought OTC medicine, rolls, and cleaning supplies so we should be pretty well set for awhile. I keep thinking things are going to be really bad in the fall so I want to be prepared. We aren’t hoarding but rather than waiting until we run out of something or get really low, we are buying new when we open a new package.

For dinner we made chicken sandwiches with garlic aioli and had some surprisingly good Costco corn on the cob.

Non-food activities:

We watched more Damnation on Netflix.

Matt had some work to do on his annual self-assessment.

I finished Laura Lippman’s new book of essays. I like her books a lot more than I like her, I think. Her husband sounds like a jerk and she has some serious issues around eating and her image that she doesn’t seem to have actually dealt with.

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Day 147: Tuna Pasta & Neoguri

Went to Aldi today! It was a pretty good shop. Some things like refried beans were back in stock all though I did feel like a lot of the canned goods were low, especially since today was the first day of the ad. The dates on the meat were really good, I didn’t get anything that sell by before the 10th. They also had some halloumi and this snake plant for $3.

We actually got a Weis delivery today too—condiments, cottage cheese, crackers, pasta. I want to be set for most of the month now because Matt’s off for a week around my birthday and next Wednesday we have our eye exams so I can’t shop then. I don’t want to spend the whole week he’s off shopping. I also think things might get worse in September so I want to get what is available now.

This month will be more outings than usual between the eye appointment, hopefully picking up new glasses and a trip to the seafood market for my birthday. Matt’s aiming to go to Costco this week too because some of our medication is on sale and it’s too hot to have it shipped. Fingers crossed he can get bacon and charcoal too. It all makes me nervous, especially the eye stuff but what can you do? I think it will only get worse when school goes back in the fall.

For lunch we had the tuna pasta salad I made yesterday. Matt didn’t feel great later so he had steamed shrimp on rice and I had some shrimp with some neoguri with spinach added.

Non-food related activities:

Animal Kingdom season 4 is on Prime streaming. I can’t resist a show about a surfing criminal family. It’s a good thing to watch while I’m doing something else.

I got a bunch of stuff to review from Influenster in the mail! Three (full sized!) Drunk Elephant hair products and some philosophy moisturizer. Score!

We watched most of Frankie on Netflix dvd but it was bad (despite the cast and location) so we turned it off.

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Day 141: Leftovers & Leftovers

I planned today to be an easy cooking day so I could bake something but a key ingredient was spoiled so I couldn’t.

We had leftover potato salad and one sausage each for lunch. I had the leftover beets too. I’m trying to clear out the fridge so I know what’s in there and make shopping easier on Wednesday.

For dinner we had leftover barley soup.

We have some fun meals planned for the weekend but they are all coincidentally pretty sausage heavy. That’s the problem with shopping less frequently, you really have to make do with what you have. I have some ideas for other meals but they all require a trip to the store.

Non-food related activities:

Umbrella Academy is back on Netflix!

I had another migraine (or the same one, rebounding?) and felt kind of woozy.

Started three books I didn’t like and returned them to the library.

Listened to more You’re Wrong About

Started watching New Girl. I’ve only seen the Prince episode before.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 125: Egg Salad & Chili

We had egg and cress sandwiches for lunch here and then I had the chili for dinner I had put in the slow cooker in the morning. I also ate the beets I prepped the other day. Matt had some turkey breast on rice because he didn’t feel well. His stomach was upset and he felt a little dizzy and congested. I wouldn’t think it could be the virus, he’s only been out twice briefly in the last month.

I did another massive shop at Aldi. It had been a full month so we were low on things and I wanted to stock up. Aldi was nearly completely out of beans and a few other items were missing. I don’t know if it has to do with the aluminum shortage or other disruptions to the food supply chain or what.

I haven’t seen this many shortages in months.

Non-food related activities:

Not much! I listened to more You’re Wrong About. We watched Cannonball (Netflix DVD) which was the worst Paul Bartel movie we’ve seen. We watched some Father Brown in Britbox. I read some more of my book.

It was an exhausting day. It was hot, shopping was stressful, I felt headachy all day thanks to the heat and not eating for hours.

I applied for a new opportunity that could be a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 124: Mi Goreng w/Chicken and Squash & Shrimp and Wax Beans in Black Bean Sauce

For lunch I sautéd some golden rod squash and leftover chicken and tossed it with packets of mi goreng.

For dinner I made shrimp and wax beans in black bean sauce. It turned out a little salty so I’ll use less soy sauce next time but the black bean flavor was good.

We had some Rice Krispies treats for dessert.

I made egg salad to have for tomorrow’s lunch after I get back from the grocery store. I haven’t made it since the winter and it finished off the last of a dozen eggs but I’m assuming I’ll be able to pick some up tomorrow. We have some watercress to add to it too!

I rearranged the refrigerator to make room for groceries tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s been a whole month! I’m getting better about using up any leftovers before shopping for optimum free space. Now all we have in there is some prepped beets, cottage cheese, butter, cheddar and dozens of condiments and pickles.

Tomorrow I am going to start some chili before I leave so I won’t have to do any cooking for the rest of the day! Grocery shopping is exhausting and I have made so much food and done so much work over the last couple of days. I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow is also one of those days when it seems like everything we’ve ordered over the last few weeks is arriving at once. Long delayed Costco orders, prescriptions, contact lens supplies, new masks etc

Non-food related activities:

I am giving up on Faded Out. I can’t take it anymore. I also deleted Sticky Beak, the follow up.

I listened to an episode of You’re Wrong About which I like but so far I already knew a lot about the topics they talk about. It’s entertaining but nothing new. I think I have similar interests to the woman host.

I wrote a ton of reviews for Netgalley.

Worked on C&L a lot.

We watched another episode of Babylon Berlin and Father Brown (quite a combo!).

daily recap · planning · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 110: Jjajangmyeon

For lunch I made some frozen shrimp for me and finished the potato salad from Saturday. Matt had some rice and half of the leftover meatballs/zucchini from yesterday since he still didn’t feel great.

I had put up some beef country style ribs I marinated last night in the slow cooker. Matt didn’t feel up to much so he had a tiny bit, eggs and rice and I sautéd up some spinach from today’s produce delivery and served it on some instant jjajangmyeon. The ribs were quite tasty! I had never bought or tried them before but Aldi had them when I went (almost 2 weeks ago) and I’ve been making an effort to try different meat offerings there since I never know what is going to be in stock. The store has always been well stocked but it has varied a bit—one week they only had dark meat chicken, the next white etc.

We have a few packs of tofu from H Mart I need to figure out what to do with too. I should have put their expiration dates on my list with the meat.

Tomorrow will be July already. It’s hard to think we have basically been home 24/7 since min-March. No end in sight as cases have really surged. Maryland seems to be holding pretty steady though.

I did place a Costco order for some basic supplies like dish soap, sponges, laundry detergent and honey (Matt goes through a truly massive amount of honey in his tea, I think it must be more honey than tea) that we aren’t desperate for but will need. They were all items that had been out of stock a for many weeks I thought it better to get them now then when things might shut down again or get worse.

Non-Food related activities:

We watched Ganja and Hess (a classic) on Prime. I always wonder what happens to these extras in movies like this. Like the children in the church choir. They must be over 50 now. I wonder what they remember, being so young during the filming.

Started an ARC of Sally Hepworth’s new book.

daily recap · planning · what we ate

Day 96: BLTs

I realized we still had some lettuce from last week’s produce delivery so I made BLTs for lunch. That finished up our bacon, lettuce and the last of the bread.

For dinner we had hot dogs. Matt justified it by saying we’ve had bacon-wrapped hot dogs so we can have one day with bacon and hot dogs in the same day. We were really just at the end of food in the fridge. I served it with kale mashed potatoes.

Non-food related thoughts and activities:

I set up a pick up time to get some library books tomorrow then I will go to Aldi for another big shop. How has it been 3 weeks already? I think we’d be fine for a bit more thanks to all we have in the freezer but I keep thinking things will get worse and I might really want those things in the freezer.

I don’t think I’m going to keep requesting physical books, the two that are in are ones I requested back in January. I have a bag of returns. I think I might have some books from other counties requested but that system is shut down so I can’t check and they aren’t sending them out. My local branch isn’t doing book pick up (it has extremely limited parking) so I have to go to a different branch at my appointed time, call them and they bring a bag out to me.

It just seems like a hassle. I prefer books on my kindle anyway; it was mostly older or more obscure books I was getting physical copies for and I can do without for a while. I can always change my mind of something I really want is only available as a physical book.

We finished season 2 of Hidden on Acorn.

I think the host of the Your Own Backyard podcast isn’t very bright. He keeps pushing things (like the found shoe) as related to the case even when it doesn’t seem like the same shoe Kristen Smart was wearing and it could easily have been beat up looking because it was ran over on nearby freeway not because it had been in the woods for years.

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Day 74: Soup and Spatchcocked Chicken

For lunch we had (canned) soup and the tiny bit of tuna we had leftover. Matt made us breakfast sandwiches with the last of the bacon and the English muffins.

For dinner Matt made kale with wild rice pilaf and grilled a spatchcocked chicken slathered in spices and lemon.

We have a ton of chicken leftover. My goal was to have at least enough left that we could have some tomorrow for lunch after I come back from Aldi.

It’s been nearly a month since our last big grocery shop! We did get a small delivery with some basics like rice and Matt did a small shop at Weis for hot dogs, rolls, soda and condiments mid month. I think we could probably go another week without another big grocery visit but Matt’s birthday is Friday and I want to get some food for that and we are out of potatoes. He’s still taking Friday and Monday off so we will have time to make something fun if we wanted to.

We are still getting most of our food in person but our grocery stores are limited here in the city and we haven’t been to our local small grocery stores where we’d get things like rice in months.

I feel like we are spending less money on groceries but we didn’t track it too closely before. At any rate we aren’t spending anything on takeout or going out to eat. We normally got takeout for dinner at least once a week and lunch out or takeout on Saturdays and Sundays and often out to dinner too.

We are debating where Matt should go to shop on Wednesday to fill in for my Aldi shop. Our produce delivery fills in a lot of gaps but since we like a lot of variety it’s hard to just shop at Aldi and get produce delivery. Aldi is great but unless they are having a specific sale, we mostly get the basics there and go to smaller speciality shops for everything else.

Non-food related activity:

We watched more of A Discovery of Witches.

I had a horrible migraine after dinner and went to bed early.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day: 68 Bacon Fried Rice & Clam Pasta

For lunch I combined the leftover wild rice pilaf (with kale) and the leftover garlic rice, added a couple pieces of bacon and egg to make fried rice. It was really good!

For dinner Matt made spaghetti with canned clams, rainbow chard, parsley and green garlic. I actually think the clams were more tender than they were when we’ve made pasta with fresh clams.

Matt went to Weis while he was out running another errand and was finally able to get hot dogs! Plus a few other odds and ends like spaghetti, coke, cottage cheese and mayo. It’s been three weeks since our last trip out so we were getting low on some basics again.

Non-food related activities:

Watched Poldark. This is the second time we’ve rented it from Netflix only to have to appear on Amazon Prime the same day.