daily recap · what we ate

Day 438: Sushi!

To celebrate a successful finish to a big project Matt was working on at work and my finishing my mother’s estate we took a day off cooking!

We got sandwiches at the Italian market for lunch and then got a sushi extravaganza from a sushi place we always wanted to try that’s across town. I saw on Yelp that they did a really great of packing sushi together so it was worth it.

It was so good!!

Then we had a double feature of Heartburn and Mystic Pizza. We’d never seen either before. Mystic Pizza was so cute!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 413: take out

I had leftover tuna for lunch. I didn’t feel well and Matt had meetings all day and into the evening so we ended up getting Thai food for take out. It was pretty good but it seems weird to pay restaurant prices now!

I thought we had some frozen red bag Aldi chicken but we couldn’t find it. A mystery!

It was nice weather so I got to use the hammock at bit!