daily recap · what we ate

Day 471: Fake Crab Salad

Matt is visiting his parents so I made fake crab salad with cucumber, kewpie mayo, ponzu and shichimi togarashi. He doesn’t love fake crab so I don’t make it often.

For dinner I had some frozen shrimp and steamed broccoli. Finished up a weaving!

daily recap · what we ate

Day 465: Longsilog

For lunch I had canned soup and then some popcorn.

Started a new weaving project. This one isn’t going quite as smoothly. Not bad but some yarn snapped and I accidentally cut a cord I wasn’t supposed to.

For dinner Matt made longsilog and Swiss shard.

We finished up some Swedish mystery. I really want to do a day trip tomorrow but it looks like it’s going to be bad weather.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 464: Tofu with Soba

For lunch I sautéd some tofu with hot sesame oil and ponzu sauce and tossed with with soba noodles and sugar snap peas from our CSA. Matt prepped the peas last night so that was easy. The tofu was from Aldi and we liked it so that’s good, tofu was one of those things that was always a pain to get but now it seems like a regular item at Aldi. Who knew such a simple sauté would be so tasty? I wanted a more substantial lunch because we didn’t have a ton of leftovers for dinner.

Matt heated up the chicken and salsa rice and added some egg fried rice style for dinner.

I finished my first project on my new loom! It’s drying on the porch after the wet setting.

We finished In the Heights. Lin-Manuel is such a cornball and all the songs sound just like the ones in Hamilton. If I was him, I’d want people to forget that.

daily recap · repurposing leftovers · what we ate

Day 463: Chili!

I’m trying to clear out some of our freezer and “pantry” so today was chili in the slow cooker made with frozen cooked chicken breast from a Costco rotisserie chicken we hadn’t finished, salsa from the contest, fresh pepper and beans. It was a bit of an experiment but it was really tasty!

For lunch we had tuna sandwiches.

I’m working on my new loom! I went to a yarn store way outside of the city and picked up some supplies for weaving. They were really nice and had what I wanted.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 462: Chicken and Rice

We had to take Matt’s car to the dealership so I made our main meal for lunch. I’m entering a salsa recipe contest so I was testing out a recipe. It came out pretty good!!

I had some hammock time early in the morning before it got too hot or humid.

I started warping my new loom. It is so big! I have to finish doing it tomorrow—I got a migraine and had to take Matt to the dealership. Rough evening! We picked up pit beef sandwiches on our way home because we haven’t had them in years and we were starving.

what we ate

Day 459: Dumplings

We ventured out to Michaels and Target for the first time what must be going on two years. Our plan had been to grab burgers but the place had closed so we got steak pita wraps and stuffed grape leaves. They changed the grape leaf recipe on us! Now they have raisins so won’t be ordering that again.

I ordered a rigid heddle loom that should be arriving so I needed to get some supplies for a first project. Luckily Michael’s had what I wanted. I forgot what it was like to stumble across some clearance items! They had some fiber craft tools like giant pompom makers on sale for $3-5 marked down from $15-20 so I picked some up.

For dinner we heated up a variety of frozen dumplings. Yum.

daily recap · what we ate

Day 457: Jajangmyeon

For lunch I had some jajangmyeon (the fancier instant kind) and Matt had some of those noodles from Taiwan with egg. I put up lentil soup in the slow cooker but it was a little over filled. Rooky mistake and I wrote a whole slow cooker cookbook! I was hoping the veggies would cook down more than they did so it wasn’t ready when it was dinner time. Oops! We ended up getting a couple of dinner specials from our local Chinese takeout. We tried them again recently and they were really salty but they were much less salty and more like we remembered tonight. I’m glad because we have really limited take out options here.

We picked up Matt’s car which unfortunately has to be taken now to the dealship because the dealership is refusing to give our garage the part they need. Fingers crossed the dealership (beyond their crazy fee to even look at the car) will give us a similar price. We almost bought a new (used) car but the garage said the repair wasn’t that horrible so we didn’t take ownership so that car is gone now. The dealership can’t even look at the car until next Wednesday. Normally this wouldn’t be bad because he’s been working from home and not driving it but he’s driving to NYC in a couple weeks and we’d like to have it then.

Matt was on call all day so we watched 30 minutes of Great British Menu and I spend most of the day catching up on reviews for Netgalley and working on my blogs and researching my new loom which will hopefully ship out soon! I got an email from them saying some of the yarn was back ordered and I panicked at seeing an email from them but hopefully my loom is shipping out soon. I see it is sold out now so that was why I was nervous when I saw the email. The yarn can be found elsewhere.