I’ve had a recipe blog, Coconut & Lime, since 2004 and have written several cookbooks. Although I’ve always been fairly frugal and delight in using up leftovers in new ways I’ve always been able to go to the store whenever I wanted and get whatever I want.

I’ve been oddly fascinated by pandemics since childhood (my grandpop was 4 when the flu of 1918 sickened his father and shut down Baltimore) so I’ve been following the news of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for quite a bit now. Once it started to spread, I knew the US wouldn’t be far behind in cases. For the last month or so I’ve been buying extra food and making sure we had medications (for us and our two dogs), and other necessities like toilet paper, soda, and pickles in the house.

The last two weeks I did extra big shops at Aldi, where I do most of my every day shopping (you can see what I bought here and here) and filled in a little with items from Safeway and Costco. When I got home from Costco Thursday I made a list of all of the fresh meat I had and their expiration dates, what I put in our small upright basement freezer (not much, it was empty except for 3 lbs of cranberries) and plugged in our dorm sized fridge we use for drinks in the summertime leftover from my husband’s old job to hold the overflow produce. We have a newer fridge but it is an old fashioned top freezer no ice maker, small cubic feet model so it doesn’t hold as much as some of the more “modern” fridges most Americans seem to have.

Follow along here to see what we eat once I started self-isolating on the afternoon of 3/12/20. We did one run to the store on 4/1/20 .